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February 23, 2018 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Run - Francois Klark |

Now, I was browsing through the new releases from this backdated day and I was wondering what music video to review. I had a choice between this one and another one titled "Call Ya" by Zāna; I watched this one first and as it got more in-depth I was almost completely decided to review the latter as I didn't feel this was anything amazing or interesting - well, that was until the end appeared and it just stabbed me right in the heart because I've been in a similar situation before. Sorry, Zāna, I didn't even get the chance to view your music video, but I may do one day; I may even review it, but not today. After watching it the second time, I took a key interest in the phone shot at the very beginning as I dismissed it the first time. Watch Francois Klark tell his partner that he's coming home early, only to find him kissing another guy, he then runs away as he can't deal with what he has seen in this music video for "Run".

Francois Klark, real name Francois Clark Mulder, is a South African born Canadian singer-songwriter and producer who is a Universal Music Award winner and a John Lennon Songwriting award winner too. He has been building up his career for some time with this song being his official second single, following "Spaceman". He previously was a contestant on the first season of Idols, the South African version of Pop Idol, under his real name. I look forward to seeing where his career takes him especially since this song resonates easily with me because of my past boyfriends - I now have a boyfriend who I love dearly who I trust completely and who loves me back just as much. This song was written by Francois Clark Mulder and Kibwe Thomas.

Directed by Miguel Barbosa of YEAH!films this music video is a pure narrative visual with a shot or two of Francois Klark singing along to the lyrics. It's a highly passionate song with a music video that fully accompanies it. His partner and love interest, whose character name is Ash, is played by Cianan Francis; and, the guy who was in the hallway was played by Evan Spergel.

The video opens up with Francois Klark messaging his partner that he'll be home earlier than usual. There's a close up of his wedding ring and he's waiting for the subway. On the way home, he hasn't received a reply and the camera really enforces that on to the viewers - we all know what's coming. He arrives home, shocked, drops all his things and starts to run away.

Cleverly, the camera operator doesn't show us what he saw and instead keeps it from the viewers at home. This is completely key as, if you totally skipped over who he was messaging, like I did, you wouldn't realise that this was an LGBTQ+ music video.

He runs all the way to the beach, time to clear his head. He drops his wedding ring to the sandy floor and that's that - he's done with the relationship, and good for him. The camera then reverses all we've seen and goes back to that moment he walked in on his partner kissing another guy - something that wasn't made obvious to the viewers until the very end.

Overall, this music video is completely thought out and really shows that love is love and it can hurt anyone, no matter what form it is in. It's a great way to showing people around the world that a man can love a man, and a woman can love a woman, and everything else in-between. Thank you, Francois Klark for this music video.
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