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Scandalous - Mis-Teeq |

I've had this song stuck in my head all day, so I thought it would be as good as any to review today. This song is practically embedded in UK history and will always end up being played at a party or two; there's just no escaping this song within a year, and you can so see why because this song is still addicting to this day - that's for sure. The song is their biggest hit since it went international, charting at number two in the UK and number 33 in the US. They since parted ways a year or so after the release of this song. Watch Mis-Teeq act sexy in a secret nightclub as a guy stumbles upon it as he runs away through the city streets with some on-point choreography in this music video for "Scandalous".

Mis-Teeq were a three-piece British girl group. They consisted of Alesha Dixon, Su-Elise Nash, and Sabrina Washington; they had a number of hits as a group and released two albums, a US album, and a greatest hits album. They parted ways in 2005 due to their record label declaring bankruptcy, leaving the girls unsure of what path to go down, and so they decided to focus on their solo careers. Alesha Dixon has done the best, she's a household name from being a judge on Britain's Got Talent to winning Strictly Come Dancing; her music career went amazingly after the split, but lately, she hasn't managed to pull in the same chart numbers. Su-Elise Nash was said to be working on an album, after the group split, she provided vocals for Lethal Bizzle's "Going Out Tonight", and has made a variety of television appearances. As for Sabrina Washington, she appeared on the third series of Celebrity Scissorhands, which she won; she next appeared on the ninth series of I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here! where she came in sixth place; as for her music career, she released a couple of singles and launched her own record label in 2012. Reunion rumours are ripe every single year, but it doesn't look like it will happen. This song was used as the theme of the film Catwoman. It was written by Su-Elise Nash, Alesha Dixon, Sabrina Washington, Tor Erik Hermansen, Mikkel S. Eriksen, and Rustan Hallgeir.

Directed by Jake Nava, this music video definitely brings out the "Scandalous" side of the song, although we need more raunchiness for a song with a title such as this. They need more sass, more fire, more confidence.

It's an addicting piece of music, so I'm glad a nightclub is involved; however, the opening scenes which shows a man running through the urban streets, turning security cameras around and being chased by a dog on a leash, suggests there was a narrative to this that was stripped away.

He ends up in the club and decides to show the girls his body-popping and break dancing. It takes this song to the streets, where this sort of music originated from before it became popular and chart-worthy. In comparison, the girls' choreography is basic and repetitive, there's nothing outstanding with the sequence they pull off, and there's also no momentum to it, the girls just aren't into the dance steps as much as they should be, which makes it come off forced. The street dancing should've taken more of a spotlight.

Overall, this music video is way too basic and uninteresting. I was expecting something scandalous, maybe a bit shocking, but definitely something sexy. Although Mis-Teeq are wearing sultry clothes, there are no male counterparts to throw this into a whole scandalous affair, and the dancing just leaves a lot to be desired - the song totally made me expect a lot more from this visual.
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