Chart Mondays: Jason Derulo Featuring French Montana - Tip Toe

February 12, 2018 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Tip Toe (feat. French Montana) - Jason Derulo |

I have to admit, I have been disliking Jason Derulo's recent music videos because of the sexual exploiting of women, and just when I was going to forgive him since I actually enjoyed the first scenes in this music video, he has to flip it and use that golden glitter scene - just no! I'm fed up of seeing these sorts of music videos from him, the same thing could be presented differently and it would still work. At the time of this backdated blog post, Drake was still number one with "God's Plan"; the music video, of which, isn't out until 16th February, and it's only the 12th. So, it opens up the UK top 10, on this date, to my Chart Mondays review, hence why I chose this one. Watch Jason Derulo dance and sing with four backup women dancers, and the occasional backup male dancers whilst French Montana sits in a golden room with almost naked women in this music video for "Tip Toe".

Jason Derulo, real name Jason Desrouleaux, is definitely one of the biggest male artists in the world right now. His constant releases and collaborations gain him incredible chart numbers in a variety of countries. His first few were honest and real with incredible heart-felt lyrics; lately, the content has been very sexualised, and it's no surprise that those new tracks, such as "Swalla" and "Get Ugly" hasn't fared well on the US Billboard charts. Regardless, he's done well in the UK and gained some average chart numbers in other countries too. He's always on form. For this track, he collaborated with French Montana, real name Karim Kharbouche, who made his name internationally famous by releasing worldwide smash "Unforgettable" which features Swae Lee. He continues to establish a name for himself and is definitely someone we're all watching at this very moment. This song was written by Philip Kembo, Jason Desrouleaux, Soaky Siren, Karim Kharbouche, Tinashe Sibanda, and Johnny Mitchell. Uncredited vocals come from Soaky Siren.

Directed by Jason Derulo, himself, this music video starts off with an interesting dialogue, which then transforms into some killer choreography for all involved. This initially looks like a great thought-out performance-based music video.

The jungle theme may not relate to the song, but we could ignore that as Jason Derulo shows off with brilliant dancing. He's always managed to bring us exciting dance moves throughout most of his music videos giving us great energy and a perfect performance. The dancing is just, wow!

Then we switch to a snowy Japanese scene, which also doesn't relate and is quite a contrast, but could also be forgiven since killer choreography is here too. Everything is brilliant until the gold glitter scene comes in - this is not something I want to see or watch. Since when was it acceptable to put naked women in music videos, most of them are half-naked, but come on! There's no need whatsoever, and since there are no guys even topless in this, they're clearly downgrading women and it's just not right, especially after the #MeToo movement. Not only that, but French Montana just looks uncomfortable in his scene, whereas Jason Derulo pulls facial expressions that make him look like a pubescent teenager who has stumbled across naked women.

Overall, this music video goes down in my estimation the more I watch it and review it. Seriously, women act as animals in this visual and this is despicable to see. Luckily, Jason Derulo gets kudos for his dancing, and the women bring fire when it comes to dancing too. The choreography is just simply amazing and saves this music video.
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