New Release: Nikless & BEFORE WE GO Featuring Maurice - Don't Wanna Let It Go

February 02, 2018 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Don't Wanna Let It Go (feat. Maurice) - Nikless & BEFORE WE GO |

There wasn't much choice for this backdated new release so I just went with this as I'm not so impressed with the music video and I'm hoping this doesn't take too much of my time to write up so that I can hurry up and catch up on my blog; on the other hand, I haven't heard of any of these artists so I may have some research to do; regardless, this song is addicting and I love how it sounds. Watch a couple spend time together in various locations in this loving music video for Nikless & BEFORE WE GO's song "Don't Wanna Let It Go" featuring Maurice.

Nikless, real name Roman Gilgen, is a DJ from Switzerland. He has released a few singles but there's not much information on him. He's an upcoming emerging artist who plans to hit the road soon and who would love to release an album in the future, but he is currently focusing on collaborations and singles, for now. He's currently been working with ENV and has more music on the way. This collaboration is with BEFORE WE GO, which is a project by Maury Pozzi who is also known as Maurice - who provided the vocals to this track. As a project, quite a few releases have been released and they have all been addicting, just like this one. I can't wait to see where both these artists go, their futures are bound to be bright. This song was written by Nikless and Maury Pozzi.

Directed by Cutloose London, this music video is a pure narrative visual that doesn't connect with the audience. It shows a loving couple in various locations enjoying their time together, before separating.

The first scene shows them walking across a desert. They then start collecting log-like sticks so they can start a camp-fire. This takes up the majority of the music video, taking the word "flames" from the lyrics and turning it into a central part of the music video.

From the fire, we get the exact opposite in the next scene in a snowy landscape and our couple gets into a snowball fight. It was clearly a memory of their fun time together, and they miss those times. We also watch other memories including them crossing a rickety bridge, having tea in the snow, an overlooking swimming pool, and climbing a rock face.

The ending sees them go their separate ways, leaving the past in the past and breaking up. It's an all right music video and does relate to the song, but it doesn't establish the loving connection all that well with the viewers at home. We're missing the sparks and the passion.
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