Daya - Sit Still, Look Pretty

03 February Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Sit Still, Look Pretty - Daya |

My boyfriend kind of quoted some of the song lyrics to this track to me and when I found out what it was, I told him I was going to review it on my blog, and here it is. He also told me that he's going to get a list together for me so that I don't have to struggle to come up with music videos to review - which is a really good idea since I usually rely on my iTunes or my YouTube Recommendations. After exploring the comments, I now know why my boyfriend likes this song, because it was in Pitch Perfect 3 and sung by Hailee Steinfeld and The Bellas - I still need to watch that film! Watch Daya sit still and look pretty as people choose her clothes for her using an app before she gets up and strips the guys down and lock them in a box in this music video for "Sit Still, Look Pretty".

Daya, real name Grace Tandon, is best known for featuring on The Chainsmokers' track "Don't Let Me Down". This helped to launch her solo career where she has gone on to release a few singles and an album, all of which has managed to chart well around the world. Her voice is off the radar and will certainly help her to become a global star in no time at all. She just needs to maximise on her popularity and get her name out there even more; no doubt, a solo hit will make her into an international sensation pretty soon. Keep an eye on Daya. This song was written by Gino Barletta, Mike Campbell, and Britten Newbill.

Directed by Chán André for VOYEURIZED. It's mainly a narrative piece that is set in the future. Imagine a world where all it takes is an app to change your style - now that's something we all need in our life, no more being overdressed or underdressed for any event.

Most of the video is taken up by establishing that Daya is sitting there, looking pretty, whilst other people choose the outfits she will be wearing. I love the way it's been edited and it's completely engaging from the outset, although none of the outfits are amazing or out of this world. It takes some time for her to rebel and actually move, regardless of the fact that she's been singing about not being someone who sits still and looks pretty.

She grabs at the two bodyguards and strips them from their masks and tops. She then explores and make many of the other men remove their clothes, but only the top-half, exposing their bodies. The ending sees these guys trapped in a box, while Daya escapes.

Overall, this music video does relate to the song, but it's mild for what it is. Her performance piece. that is segmented throughout, is completely forgettable totally not making me want to see her live. The fact that it takes so long for her to rebel is annoying, and why doesn't she use the app on these guys? I understand she probably wants to see them topless but surely if someone has been choosing your outfits for you without your consent surely deserves payback.
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