Joy Club - In The Night

14 June Critic Jonni 0 Comments

This music video was sent through my email last week and it piqued my interest purely because Blu Hydrangea stars in the visual alongside many others, and the thumbnail certainly drew me in. What I didn't expect was a catchy '80s inspired club track, with a crazy addicted beat and one brilliant dance choreography that is clearly inspired by TikTok and one I so wish I could learn how to perfect.

The club-goers of the world - me included - are missing the nightlife, the culture, the dancefloors, and the awesome club tunes that you only love if you're in a club, while we're on lockdown. Joy Club decides to bring house clubbing to your screen with this music video, although I can't ever imagine a dance choreography hitting the clubs like this one - this is totally an at-home dance sequence.

As the first verse of the song kicks in, we rewind to 10 hours earlier where we see the stars waking up and getting ready for the day ahead of them, setting up their club-at-home set and dressing themselves up. It showcases the boredom many of us have felt during the lockdown.

Such a good video that more people need to see this, and the song itself is so very catchy! What's not to love about this? Fierce, strong, and funny, Joy Club's music videos are ones to keep an eye on, for sure.