Lady A (Previously Known As Lady Antebellum) - Ocean

13 June Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Lady Antebellum - Ocean | 

This song has quickly become one of my all-time favourite songs ever written, and I'm so glad that Lady A (previously known as Lady Antebellum) were the ones to record it. "Ocean" is one phenomenal song that makes me cry every single time I hear it because it means so much and can be interpreted into a number of different ways and can be related to being in love, having family relationships, and even friendships. We all have our demons, we all have walls (or should I say waves?), and we all push people away at some point in our lives - and this is even more relatable to me since I no longer have my office job and I'm worried about everything in relation to that, but I know that as long as I can stay positive, things will work out. This song is such an emotional track, that I really wish it had become an international success.

Written by Sarah Buxton, Tofer Brown, and Abe Stoklasa, this is one song many will never forget, and I swear it will still make me cry no matter how many years go by. Lady A has truly connected with the song perfectly, and Hillary Scott's vocals shine truly bright throughout.

I'm in two minds about the music video; on the one hand, it's stripped back to the trio, fully showing their emotions and they clearly had their hearts on their sleeves throughout the filming of the visual, but at the same time I wanted more from it - a narrative could've propelled the track, but then again, it could've destroyed the emotional power the song has. I do love the scenes of the ocean as it directly connects with the metaphors used throughout the song. And those tears are so real. This is pure Lady A, and I reckon this song would be even more powerful live on stage.