R3HAB, NERVO & Ummet Ozcan - Revolution

18 June Critic Jonni 0 Comments

It's Thursday, which means Thursday Revisit time, and I've decided to choose R3HAB's collaboration with NERVO and Ummet Ozcan, titled "Revolution" which charted well in Belgium, Ireland, and the UK, but did the best in Poland, peaking at number five. The video opens with a news announcement that the three artists are wanted and are somewhere in the desert, presented by a masked army guy with a robotic voice. The artists are then seen pushing a car across the desert, while an old man is eating cereal in front of a TV. A crowd comes to help them with the car as we see more of these holographic army-like people attempting to track R3HAB, NERVO, and Ummet Ozcan.

NERVO's vocals are absolutely incredible and really makes the track, whilst the backing track is awesome in itself. It's no surprise that the song managed to chart in some countries, and its accompanying music video is interesting and inspiring to a certain degree. Fierce and strong, this really stands out, and NERVO certainly has the spotlight on them during the whole visual.