Paul Rey - Talking In My Sleep

17 June Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Easily one of many of my favourites from Melodifestivalen 2020, Paul Rey literally made me tear up the first time I heard this song. He performed it incredibly on the night, and this would've been a brilliant track to be sent to Eurovision to represent Sweden - to be fair, the Swedish national selection show is so incredible with plenty of amazing acts, that I'm pretty sure any of them would do well in the Eurovision Song Contest. This music video is so special, as I was given the opportunity to premiere the track on CelebMix, and interview Paul Rey, himself.

This music video is one of my favourites, I love how Paul Rey is in bed as visuals of him and his real-life wife during incredibly happy days are projected around him. We all rejoice in our happy moments and totally need to remember them when we're feeling down or away from our loved ones - more so than ever as we've been on lockdown and quarantine. It's a very weird time and true love will shine through if you let it. I do admit, I want to lye in bed all day and night and live in the dream world with the one I love until we can see each other again, and it has been so difficult - plus we're a long-distance relationship, so I feel like it's tougher and I just have to believe that we'll pull through and everything will be okay.

Although this music video is laid-back (literally with Paul Rey just lying in bed singing his song), it's cleverly done and relatable to many. I love how the projections work really well and suggest the scenes he has been dreaming about.