Dami Im - Gladiator

24 September Critic Jonni 3 Comments

After reviewing Dami Im's newly released single and music video last Friday, titled "Paper Dragon", I just had to review one of her first few music videos for my Thursday Revisit! "Gladiator" is one of my favourite songs from her, but I've never seen the music video before today, so I was excited to see what the visual would be like. The song was the second single from her third studio album, Heart Beats, and charted in Australia at number 11. "Gladiator" explores female empowerment and is suggestive of fighting for oneself and loving who you are as well as fighting for what you want and love. It's an incredible song that always makes me feel like I can do more and it certainly helps me to focus.

The music video opens with a passage that states, "The ancient scrolls tell of a legend, that the one who is pure of heart would someday reunite the pieces of the sacred medallion, rescue the princess and vanquish evil from the kingdom. A true warrior. A Gladiator." Then we see both a performance piece and a narrative intercut throughout. Dami Im looks stunning in her performance visual as she throws her heart into this song and you can tell how much this song means to her. In the narrative, we watch a young female warrior training and continuing to do so when she grows into an adult. She goes on to battle against evil and reunites the pieces of the medallion. It's a brilliant music video that has the viewer hooked from the first few seconds, so much so that we want to know what happens next after every scene. It's not surprising that the video is her most-watched music video to-date with over 3.9 million YouTube views, on her channel, with "Sound Of Silence" being her most-viewed video overall.


  1. Thank you for the Review, Gladiator is an amazing song.
    Actually 'Sound of Silence is Dami most viewed Video at 18 million views.

    1. Thanks for pointing that out, "Gladiator" is her most viewed video on her channel, "Sound Of Silence" is her most viewed video overall.

  2. Good review! I love all of her original songs and Gladiator is one of my top 5 Dami songs. It is so nice to see Dami can release original songs now that she dumped Sony Music Australia. They only wanted her to release cover songs. So proud of her to be brave enough to leave her label because since X-Factor, they did not help her at all but instead hinders her instead.