Bea Miller - Feel Something

23 September Critic Jonni 0 Comments

I've literally just been listening to Bea Miller's new EP, titled sad boy hour, which was dropped this week and includes this very song as one of its four tracks. Since I've never watched the music video, I thought I might as well review it today. The song is literally one of my favourites and I can highly relate to it, especially after going through a break-up, since I definitely don't feel like a person at the moment and I'm struggling to feel anything, think I just feel really numb and I need some good things to go my way! I have been a fan of Bea Miller since The X Factor US days where she placed ninth on season two. I just adore her voice and her music and I loved "Feel Something" when it was initially released, and it has now become a sleeper hit due to a resurgence of the song on TikTok. The song is about not feeling anything, feeling numb, and how that is worse than feeling pain or anything else. It's a clever and beautifully written song.

In the music video, directed by Pilar Zeta, Bea Miller plays an astronaut as she goes to what looks like an alien hospital where their patients are numb and aren't feeling anything. Bea Miller is examined and tested on and the occasional emotion will come through but only for a split-second. She has really encompassed the whole feel nothing feel of this music video and it really works well in this alien-like setting. Towards the end, Bea Miller escapes the examining room and comes across a portal door which takes her into a forest on Earth and her feelings slightly return but even that doesn't help and she ends up back at the alien hospital where she takes her seat again, alongside the other patients and they all display a fake smile for a split second. Such a brilliant music video with a great concept. Bea Miller is an absolute star, how she's not a global success yet, I'll never know.