ÊMIA - Selfish

September 05, 2020 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

I came across ÊMIA, real name Anh Le, when I was given the opportunity to premiere her music video for "If You Can't Take The Rain" on CelebMix and I also managed to interview her. That experience turned me into a fan and I've been following her ever since. She dropped this music video a few days ago and also recently released a new single with Imfinenow, titled "Hurt By You", which you should so check out. Her vocals are amazing and she makes addicting music you can't quite get out of your head - we're sure you'll be a fan in no time and you'll be playing her music over and over again. She's got huge star potential and I truly believe she has an incredible future ahead of her.

"Selfish" speaks to me in volumes as I recently been through a break-up (check out my Instagram post about it), and I'm slowly learning to love myself and to be selfish now. The lyrics are so powerful in this, especially "I put you above me and everyone else, The things that I’d do or I didn’t, You were in my decisions" literally describes me in every relationship I've been in but, as plenty of other songs have stated (including JoJo's "Man"), I need someone who will put me first for a change, and right now that's me, not anyone else. Let's all follow in ÊMIA's footsteps and be a bit more selfish.

Once again, she blows me away with her awesome voice and she easily floods the song with much-needed emotion that touches every listener's heart. The music video has been filmed during quarantine and she nailed it! Looking fierce and selfish (in the best way) throughout whilst knocking out the great choreography by Christabelle Tan, ÊMIA is full of confidence and emotional strength. She even edited the video herself, whilst Caroline Lazar shot the visual. Look out for ÊMIA in the coming years and listen to her music because I can't get enough of her songs!