Mitchell Tenpenny - Broken Up

September 06, 2020 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

This came up on my YouTube recommendations and I thought I'd review it for my blog. The song is completely strong with Mitchell Tenpenny impressing to no-end with his awesome vocals. He has been making waves in the country music industry, with "Drunk Me" becoming his most popular song to date, although I reckon with his voice, he'll have a big hit sometime soon. Once again, YouTube just knows the sort of music and videos I want to watch as I recently went through a break-up (as I explained in my Instagram post and yesterday's review of ÊMIA's "Selfish"), and it still hurts, even though I know it was for the best. Mitchell Tenpenny's "Broken Up" is a fired-up track that is full of so much emotion, that this track just speaks to me on so many levels.

The accompanying music video is absolutely brilliant, they've captured the story of the song in the entirety of the scenes. The opening scene engages the audience from the start making us wonder what happened, and then the narrative unfolds with intercuts of a performance piece from Mitchell Tenpenny that shows off his passion and energy for the song itself. It captures the entire vibe whilst also satisfying people with the cracking of the mirror and the glass panels in the photo frames. I could so watch this again and again!