Thalía & Natti Natasha - No Me Acuerdo

09 September Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Alongside listening to a lot of Natti Natasha, I've also been listening to Thalía a lot too. I first came across Thalía last October when I attended Inna La Londra (Inna's concert in London), where her opening DJ played one of Thalía's songs and everyone was practically singing along and so I used Shazam to find out what song it was. Now, almost a year later, I'm exploring her back catalogue of songs, which is lengthy, to say the least, and she is such a brilliant singer. It's amazing to see one of the top female Latin artists collaborating with Natti Natasha who has soared withing the Latin music world recently. The music video on YouTube has amassed over 1 billion views, which isn't surprising since both stars have massive fanbases, and I can see this continue to gain more and more views. The song itself charted well throughout Latin America as well as peaking at number five in Spain. The track's title, "No Me Acuerdo" translates into English as "I Don't Remember", and it's about having a night out and waking the next day to her lover who tells her that he's been told she cheated on him but she doesn't remember the rest of the night.

The music video takes the story of the song and recreates it. We start off with Thalía waking up in bed at 4pm, with her lover showing something on a phone, an image of her in the arms of another guy. We then get a flashback to her night before as she tries to remember what happens. We see her partying the night away with Natti Natasha and eyeing up another guy who ends up carrying her on his shoulder - which is where the image from the phone comes from. The ending scene sees her love-interest storming out of the room as she looks at the image on the phone. It's such a good music video and it looks like Thalía and Natti Natasha had such a good time filming this music video.