Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, David Guetta & Daddy Yankee Featuring Afro Bros & Natti Natasha - Instagram

08 September Critic Jonni 0 Comments

So, today, I've been having a Natti Natasha kind of day and listened to all the songs she has released to date, and there have been some absolute fire tracks that she's released, she's definitely someone we all should be watching as she's quickly become a top female artist in Latin America and I truly believe she'll have a worldwide hit sometime soon, I'm just sad it wasn't this one as I adore this song. This is not a surprise as I am a fan of Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike and I need to attend one of their gigs, one day. Their music has been so on-point the last few years, collaborating with some of the biggest names, and this song release is no different as the one and only David Guetta and Latin superstar Daddy Yankee and rising stars Afro Bros all came together on this track along with Natti Natasha whose vocals were completely off the chart. If you haven't heard "Instagram" yet and haven't added it to your party playlists, then you're completely missing out. The song should've been a chart-raging success instead, it did moderately well apart from in the Netherlands where it reached the top 10.

The awesome music video starts off with a guy finding a phone on a beach and the screen is showing Natti Natasha's Instagram profile. Then the music starts and Natti Natasha stuns in every single look, she's on-point, sexy, and beautiful. There's a scene where she's on a yacht, one where she's in a club and the narrative scene which sees her walking down a road where guys in cars offer her a lift, which she turns down until a group of women come along and she hops in. We then hop over to Daddy Yankee, which the women are watching on a live video (perhaps Instagram Live?) where he's on a cliff and bringing it reggaeton style, and we watch others watching his live stream, including David Guetta, who then invites Natti Natasha to a pool party at his place, and all the artists are there too (apart from Afro Bros who appear as a video on a phone screen). This is when the party really gets started and Natti Natasha continues to shine in every way! At the party, someone takes her phone - but she's not bothered - and the phone is passed around and ends up on that beach, creating the full-circle moment of the music video.

Creative concept, brilliantly incorporated with the song itself, and an absolutely addicting track. What more could we all ask for? How did this song not go viral and become a fully-fledged international hit? I will never know.