Chart Mondays: Justin Bieber Featuring Chance The Rapper - Holy

October 05, 2020 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Still at number one in the UK is 24kGoldn with "Mood" which features iann dior and so I have decided to review Justin Bieber's most-recent single and music video, titled "Holy" featuring Chance The Rapper as it is sitting at number 10 and has been for two weeks in a row. I'll be surprised if this doesn't climb higher next week, but there's also been a tonne of new releases this week and so the chart could see some interesting changes come Friday. "Holy" is one of Justin Bieber's songs that will go down in history as it's just so honest and he delivers it so personally that it's hard not to like it because his voice is just in tune with the lyrics of the song that you feel every word. Chance The Rapper brings it for his verse, impressing vocally and attuning to the track easily. I'm shocked this has only peaked at number 10 here in the UK, but here's hoping it climbs as it deserves to chart higher.

The music video is so good and relatable to a whole lot of people right now since many have lost their jobs - me included - and many are struggling with paying bills and rent and having difficulty with landlords, and it's so inspiring to see Justin Bieber showing these tough times in his music video, which has been directed by Colin Tilley. It stars both artists with Ryan Destiny (best known for being in Lee Daniel's Star TV series) and Wilmer Valderrama (best known for being in That 70's Show, From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series, and NCIS). We follow Justin Bieber as he works as an oil worker, a story is painted as he has a good home-life and an okay working life, and Ryan Destiny has a good working life too, until the pandemic hits and he loses his job, she loses a patient in her care home that she's grieving for, and then they lose their home and they end up walking the streets until Wilmer Valderrama, who has just returned from being in the armed forces, sees them on the sidewalk and offers to take them back to his home where a meal will be waiting for them. It's such a great music video that showcases that there are good people in the world, that there will be light at the end of the tunnel, and that good things happen even if you are at rock bottom. People need a music video like this, and it certainly helped me too as I feel like I'm at rock bottom right now - but I know so many other people are worse off than me. Chance The Rapper's part in the visual is purely performance-based and doesn't add much to the story but it's great to see him give his part his all.