Дима Билан / Dima Bilan - Слепая любовь / Blind Love (starring Ian Somerhalder)

October 04, 2020 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Last week, I watched the Outsiders' music video for "Keep This Fire Burning" which featured Amanda Wilson and one of the dancers looked a lot like Ian Somerhalder - although I still doubt it would be him, so I decided to see if he had actually starred in any music videos, and this one came up, from non-other than Eurovision 2008 winner Дима Билан (also known as Dima Bilan) with his song "Слепая любовь" which means "Blind Love" in English. This was released in 2011 when The Vampire Diaries were in season 2/3 so Ian Somerhalder had totally established himself as Damon Salvator. I've tried to find out how this happened but I can't find any good sources apart from rumours that they are good friends. The song is so strong with Dima Bilan giving it his all. I'm disappointed that Yuliya Krylova isn't credited as a vocalist in the song nor in the music video, she should've at least got a feature credit on the song. "Слепая любовь" is a catchy track all about being consumed by blind love and desire, it's such a hot track if my English translation of the lyrics are correct.

And so, it's no surprise that the music video, directed by Vladislav Opelyants, is just as hot as the song itself. I was hoping for some sort of twist but it didn't really happen, we just see Dima Bilan and Ian Somerhalder make eyes at one another as the latter is arm in arm with a woman at a party, but Dima Bilan wants the girl and so they end up in a fight which is intercut with two different sex scenes but we never know who wins. It certainly has a vibe of The Vampire Diaries running throughout and it was certainly the inspiration behind the visual, especially since Damon Salvator and Stefan Salvator fight over Elena Gilbert throughout the series. I just so wanted some sort of twist at the end, something that doesn't make it the typical story of two men fighting over a woman.