Steps - Stomp

September 27, 2022 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Last weekend I was at Birmingham Pride 2022, where Steps was the headliner for the Sunday event, and it made my childhood dream come true seeing them perform on the main stage, and this song "Stomp" is the one that is stuck in my head. I forgot all about this song until they sang it and I remember playing this on repeat again and again - it's probably my favourite Steps song from their whole discography. They also revealed that they've been together for 25 years now (minus the 10-year split). This song was their second UK number one, following "Heartbeat / Tragedy". It was written by Mark Topham, Karl Twigg and Rita Campbell, with production by Mark Topham, Karl Twigg and Pete Waterman.

This music video has both narrative and performance visuals which coincide well with each other. There's an amazing dance section which is totally in sync and although may have seemed dated 10 years ago if you were looking back at old music videos, with TikTok becoming a viral social network, these dance segments are extremely popular and this would be something that goes viral on the app.

We watch as Lisa and H are given the keys to a penthouse apartment while the owner, Bill (who is played by Dave Legeno - who is no longer with us, having passed away in 2014), is away on business. He tells them to look after the apartment, but Lisa and H decide to invite the rest of Steps round for a huge party, so we see scenes of Claire, Faye, and Lee getting invited to the party and making their way there. In the end, they all help to clean and tidy up, and when Lisa and H think they're in the all-clear, the camera transitions to the painting that's hanging on the wall, where someone has drawn horns, glasses and a moustache on Bill's face.