Snailmate - Trash, Baby

September 28, 2022 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Snailmate have just dropped this awesome single and music video, titled "Trash, Baby" which is genre-defining with hints of pop and rap infused in the hard-rock theme of the song. The LGBTQ+ duo consists of Kalen Lander and Bentley Monet, and they describe Snailmate as a project which fuses synthpop, grindcore pop and nerd rap, and if this song is anything to go by they are masters of music creation. "Trash, Baby" is stuck in my head after just one listen, and the lyrics are pure perfection, this duo sure knows how to write a song! The song was written by Snailmate, while it was produced by Kalen Lander, with Ari Leopold mixing and recording the track; the music video has been directed by Chase Warren with Levi Elizaga acting as director of photography.

Creating art is never an easy task especially when your inner saboteur is attacking you at every step of the way, and this is exactly what Snailmate is showcasing in this song and music video, "Trash, Baby". We watch as Kalen Lander creates and then destroys a beautiful garden, and then later we watch Bentley Monet paint some awesome artistic imagery on canvases which he also destroys. The whole video is a concept in itself as music is an art form, as well as music videos being an art form, and so it comes full circle as we watch the music video be deleted at the end.

On top of the awesome narrative piece, there's an interesting performance visual which sees Snailmate as heads on spikes, linking completely with the opening lyric, with the song's narrator being the person on the spike who has been brought back to life "warning passers-by of the dangers of trying too hard. As the music video illustrates, it’s very easy to go from enamored with something to hating it. Hopefully, we can all overcome the negative thoughts and self-sabotaging to become better artists," Bentley Monet states.