New Release: As December Falls - Mayday

October 21, 2022 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

I've been a fan of As December Falls for a couple of years now after first discovering them from a Facebook advert, and I've never looked back since, having bought their signed CDs from their store (yes I love signed CDs, I'm addicted), and signed up to their Patreon (the BEST Patreon account I've ever signed up to), and I've listened to their songs again and again. They've literally filled the gap of mainstream-rock female-led rock that I've been needing to fill ever since Paramore went synth-rock, and while some bands and artists occasionally stepped into the gap like Evanescence, Avril Lavigne, The Pretty Reckless, Olivia Rodrigo, and Bronnie, I never quite filled that gap until As December Falls came along, and now they're my favourite female-led rock band and I've loved every single track, cover, and demo they've ever dropped (including the ones on their Patreon, in addition to the track that Ande Hunter took lead vocals on, exclusive to Patreon).

The four-piece, consisting of Bethany Hunter, Ande Hunter, Timmy Francis, and Lukas James, hail from Nottingham and have been on the music scene since 2014, rising and building their fanbase. Two studio albums later and they're boasting millions of Spotify streams and sold-out tour dates! They've definitely on the verge of huge success, and I am totally here for it, especially as they're an independent band.

Directed by Justin Griffiths, this music video is a pure performance piece that totally showcases the band's vibe and energy. "Mayday" is hard rock at its finest and allows each of the band members to shine with the music video visually showcasing that during awesome cut scenes and unforgettable visuals. 

It was shot in a prison, and the band recruited some of their fans to star in the music video. There's also a slight narrative as we watch Bethany Hunter start singing in the corridor of the prison with orange overalls in her hands as arms reach out to her through the bars - easily referencing the lockdown that the pandemic caused - and later we see her performing the track whilst wearing the orange jumpsuit.

Such an amazing music video, that correlates well with the track, as "Mayday" is all about coming out of lockdown and struggling to be back outside and socialising - it really was a tough time for everyone.

“'Mayday' is our heaviest track to date. It was inspired after coming out of lockdown, we were so used to being trapped in our houses that getting back to normal life and going back to socialising outside was a struggle. It’s about becoming acclimated to things that aren’t healthy for you and breaking down those walls,” Bethany Hunter said of the track. She also went on to talk about the upcoming album, "The album is a call to arms. We were so tired of the music industry being full of sharks and just the world in general at the moment. Everywhere you look, it’s just falling to shit. It’s about not sticking to the rules when you know there’s a better way. It’s a middle finger up to old ways, that we can do this without that bullshit. That’s why we called it 'Join The Club'.”