Hunter - Closer

October 09, 2022 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

This is a cute and fun music video for "Closer" by Hunter and is definitely something you should have on your radar. The song signifies a variety of things, from the honeymoon feeling when you are crushing on someone as well as the wanting of being closer to loved ones, which is now becoming more and more possible as COVID restrictions relax with the pandemic becomes less of a worldwide threat - although cases have been rising in the UK, apparently. The track has been gaining in popularity and has been added to the Now That's What I Call Music 83 (the US compilation album).

Hunter said that "Closer" was inspired by "the feeling of driving down the road with the windows down on an easy summer afternoon. We've been through a lot over the last few years and I wanted a song that could help my listeners escape what's around us."

According to Spotify, the song was written by David Ryan Harris, Hunter Elizabeth, Jesse Siebenberg, and John Alagia, with the latter two songwriters being the producers of the track; as for the music video, Ra Dreyfus acted as Director with Ron Geffen being the director of photography. The cute video sees Hunter trying to impress her adorable little puppy, who is played by Yuki Newman, but nothing seems to be working from posing for an artist painting to playing crochet in the garden to being wined and dined al fresco style.

On top of all that, there are four hot guys attempting to grab Hunter's attention, hoping to get closer to her, from the artist who is painting them, to the hot guy gardener (played by Branko Presley) who is topless and has a hose in his hand - he could shower me with his hose any day, amen! But, Hunter is not impressed with his advances and swiftly moves away when he soaks himself (feel free to send him my way instead).

Her next scenes see her in the kitchen where the hot guy chef (played by Scott Camaran) comes on to her by offering her a taste of his soup (I'm pretty sure it's just as yummy as he is), but she declines while he doesn't want to take no as an answer (come on, we all should know about consent by now), and she ends up spilling the soup over him, and in doing so, he rips his shirt off and sexually spreads the soup on himself - she rightfully escapes the kitchen and has her meal with Yuki, but the puppy still isn't happy even though he's dressed smartly. She does a dance for Yuki and eagle-eyed viewers will recognise the guitarist in the scene as it is Nash Overstreet, who is known for being in the band Hot Chelle Rae as well as being the brother of Chord Overstreet (he played Sam Evans in Glee).

Overall, a great concept with a fun spin on the lyrics deciding that she wants to get closer to her dog rather than closer to a man - regardless of how hot the guys are. Clever, interesting, and memorable, this is a brilliant, iconic music video. The track is set to be part of Hunter's forthcoming debut EP which is expected to be released later this year.