Rutherford Royal - Back Burner

October 12, 2022 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Spreading a bit of laid-back country and western music onto my blog is the recently released debut single by Rutherford Royal, titled "Back Burner". The song goes on to add an element of rock about three-quarters of the way through, bringing the listener right back in, before slowing it down to a mild and chill level as the song comes to a close.

Rutherford Royal, real name Andrew Christopher Rutherford Royal, is a Nashville-based multi-instrumentalist, producer and singer/songwriter, who manages to showcase everything he has got on this track, "Back Burner". He hails from the barrier islands of South Carolina and likes to use his deep connection with the land in his non-traditional music, gaining inspiration from the eastern south, transforming dark rock and indie Americana with current country and western rhythmic vibes. "Back Burner" totally showcases his awesome and unique art. He is set to release a debut album soon.

Talking about the track, Rutherford Royal said: "The boy has been waiting for the girl to fall in love with him as he watches her burn through several brief, meaningless, and destructive relationships. Despite clear signs that he should move on, he is determined to die on this hill. Often it feels like the right thing to do is take the side of love and wait for the one you know you’ll never get over. This can be the single most destructive decision you ever make, but half-measures will only lead to a life of what-ifs."