Chart Mondays: Ariana Grande - positions

As expected, Ariana Grande jumped straight to the top spot of the UK Singles Chart with her latest track "positions" and so I am reviewing the music video for my Chart Mondays review. I am not so impressed with the song, she has definitely released better songs in the past, but this is her official seventh UK number one. As usual, her voice is superb, but the song just doesn't hit me unlike some of her previous songs. It is the lead single from her brand new album of the same name which has been released this week and is more than likely going to chart at number one on the UK Albums Chart. The track's lyrical content suggests that Ariana Grande is willing to try new things for the person she loves and her overall dedication to him and willingness to switch positions (from sexual to stereotypical).

The music video has been directed by Dave Meyers and sees Ariana Grande acting as president and fulfilling some of the tasks that the president undertakes whilst also taking on typical female stereotypical roles such as being in a kitchen. It also stars her mother, Joan Grande, as well as frequent collaborators Tayla Parx and Victoria Monét. The release coincides well with the 2020 US Presidential Election. I feel like this could've been iconic and there is substance to it, but it's just missing so much, I also don't like how it transitions between her positions. I truly believe if this was wrapped up in a complete narrative storyline, it would've worked amazingly.

Chart Mondays: Ariana Grande - One Last Time

One Last Time - Ariana Grande |

I could've sworn I had already reviewed this music video, but it turns out that I haven't; which I guess is lucky since it is in the UK Top 10 Singles Chart, this week - although I did expect it to launch to the top of the chart; but, Luis Fonsi & Daddy Yankee is still holding onto the number one position with "Despacito" featuring Justin Bieber, which doesn't have a music video just yet. Every time I watch this music video I'm pretty sure I've reviewed it, I have that sort of recollection of writing about it, but I don't see a review on my blog. Oh well, here's one right now! Watch Ariana Grande in an apocalypse-type music video transporting the viewers into the visual for "One Last Time".

Ariana Grande has really come a long way from when she played Cat in Victorious and later in spin-off show Sam & Cat on Nickelodeon. Now she's a pop princess, totally becoming one of the biggest female artists in the world. Most-recently she made headlines when a terrorist attack targeted her concert in Manchester. Deciding not to let fear rule, she decided to host a benefit concert, with this song becoming the charity single for the We Love Manchester Emergency Fund. She managed to get many great artists to come together and perform on stage. If you didn't know who she was before this concert, you sure know of her now. The single has been out for some time, but the heartbreaking lyrics and the fact the song was the last song performed at her gig in Manchester before the fatal attack definitely made it the perfect song to become the charity single. It was written by David Guetta, Savan Kotecha, Giorgio Tuinfort, Rami Yacoub, and Carl Falk.

Directed by Max Landis and features Ariana Grande's Victorious co-star Matt Bennett. It has the end of the world feel to it as a comet comes crashing down to Earth, obliterating everything and everyone. To be fair, it's not the best music video considering the attack in Manchester, but this visual was released years before anything like this had happened.

As a whole this is almost a movie in itself; it certainly has a Cloverfield affect to it. It definitely transports the viewers into this film-like scene. We see comets flying through the sky as we watch Ariana Grande running all over the place, taking us to the top of a skyscraper. Along the way, we see some sights such as victims, gun problems, computer scary guy who attacks Ariana Grande and us; as well as firefighters, and a family huddling together.

On the rooftop, the sky is alive with comets falling to Earth. Ariana Grande grabs the cameraman, who happens to be her love interest, actor Matt Bennett, and hugs him as the biggest comet comes down and destroys the world.

Overall it's a great music video and definitely worthy of awards; however, I'm slightly disappointed that whenever we see Ariana Grande's face, she isn't singing the song. That's just a little annoying thing to this music video. It feels more like a scene from a film or a TV show than an actual music video, so it is disappointing. But, it works overall and totally relates to the song. It's definitely an unforgettable music video and completely deserves this rating.
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Jessie J, Ariana Grande & Nicki Minaj - Bang Bang

Bang Bang (feat. Ariana Grande & Nicki Minaj) - Jessie J |

Since Ariana Grande's "One Last Time" is set to chart high this week, due to it being a charity single for the We Love Manchester Emergency Fund; and so, may become my Chart Mondays' review, I decided to do another one of her songs. There was so much choice, but yesterday's review made me realise that I haven't reviewed this one right here, so "Bang Bang" is finally making its appearance on my blog. I wasn't so keen on the song when it first came out, but the constant play and the popularity definitely brought this into something I now enjoy listening to. Watch Jessie J, Ariana Grande & Nicki Manaj come together in this superstar profile music video for the worldwide hit song "Bang Bang"; totally fierce and sassy.

Jessie J, real name Jessica Cornish, is one of the top rising UK female artists of recent years, she's totally on her game and bringing it completely. Her different styles of music have proven her versatility, and she's certainly someone who can bring hit after hit after hit. Her latest singles have not faired well though, can she make a triumphant return to the charts? Well, with her killer vocals and star quality, I reckon another global hit is on the way. As for Ariana Grande, she's been bringing it with every year that has gone past, totally burning a path of flame up every chart around the world and she's certainly becoming a renowned star that we can't get enough of. Although the Manchester terrorist attack was completely awful, she totally managed to turn it around by pulling off a benefit concert with massive names. If you didn't know who she was before the attack, you sure do now. As for Nicki Minaj, real name Onika Miraj, has been storming music for many years, her body is the talk of the town, but her personality is what should be making headlines; she recently paid for fans' school fees, amongst many heartfelt things she has done recently. She's already iconic within music, and she certainly doesn't stop. This was such a brilliant team-up, and they certainly brought it. The song was written by Max Martin, Savan Kotecha, Rickard Göransson, and Onika Miraj.

Directed by Hannah Lux Davies, who is certainly becoming one of the most requested music video directors around; this music video brings fired-up profile performance visuals of each of the female artists. Strong, sassy, fierce - these women can bring it completely.

Each of the girls havd their own concepts in this music video. Jessie J has the streets, Ariana Grande has her slumber party, and Nicki Minaj has her helipad and helicopter.

The street visual with Jessie J fits so well with her personality and style. She looks like she totally belongs here, while easily not fitting the mould and standing out. The spotlight is on her and she is working it.

The slumber party could've come off cute; however, they've switched it up with Ariana Grande giving just as much sex appeal as the other two female singers. Although, she seems very laid back during this music video, as if she's not really in the moment, or feeling the visual all that much.

As for the helipad, Nicki Minaj is full on comfortable acting sexy, sultry and being fierce. This is the exact sort of performance visual she is used to bringing to the table, so it's not surprising that she's completely sassy. If we were comparing all of these artists, Nicki Minaj pulls it off the best.

The ending sees all three girls performing together on the helipad. I'm sorry to say, but Ariana Grande just isn't fully there, Jessie J and Nicki Minaj oozes performance. She also misses the end point which the other two totally nail whilst Ariana Grande just stands there. Other scenes also see Jessie J in a red cheerleader-like outfit on a balcony, which kind of gets lost in the visual and I would've preferred to have seen more clips from the streets instead. There's also a DJ on the helipad enveloping the New York City roads with pink light, which is certainly a nice touch,

Overall this music video is fierce, it's sassy, it's confident; but, most of all, it exudes girl power, more so than girl groups around. There's a lot of product placement from Dr Dre Beats, but this has become one of the most natural things, so it's not much of a surprise anymore. I like the ending scene with all three girls the best, and the idea of them all being in their own little worlds and bubbles throughout works really well. It's just a shame Ariana Grande was more of a lowlight than a highlight.
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Ariana Grande - Santa Tell Me

Another Ariana Grande music video a part of my blog, but the first to be a part of a special; she now debuts on my Christmas Special 2016, I knew she had a Christmas music video, even though it does seem pretty unprofessional, as everyone keeps mentioning in the comments, but fun music videos can be unprofessional. Sometimes artists need a fun time, not a popstar big music video, and this is what this is. Fun. Fun. Fun. Watch Ariana Grande spend time in a house with her friends, celebrating Christmas while she sings her song "Santa Tell Me".

We all know who Ariana Grande is, she grew up on our TV screens on TV show "Victorious", and then later as a main star in the spinoff "Sam & Cat", all on Nickelodeon. Afterwards, she launched her music career and the rest is history. Now she's one of the biggest female singers in the world. With her brilliant voice and her amazing career, the future will forever be bright for this girl. This song was released in 2014 and did mediocre on the charts. It was written by Ariana Grande, Savan Kotecha, and Ilya.

Directed by Alfredo Flores and Jones Crow, the music video is pretty simple. Ariana Grande throws an exclusive Christmas party for her and her friends, at a house.

The opening scene sees her and her friends in a bed with animal hats on, goofing around. They mess around in pretty much every scene.

There's a slight dance sequence on the scenes, but the choreography is too simple as if they came up with it on the spot.

It's cute, it's simple, it's nice, there's not much else I can say. The best part is totally the ending, not because it's finished but because they show some outtakes, which are pretty funny.

Overall, it's cute, it's Christmassy, and it's fun. That's all we need. Ariana Grande deserves some fun in her life at least and this was it. I'm glad she had a good time on set because that really shows.
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Ariana Grande - Put Your Hearts Up

Can you believe it's been five years since Ariana Grande released her first ever song and music video? This means she can appear on my blog again this week for my Thursday Revisit. This is the song a video Ariana Grande hates, she calls it the worst moment of her life, and you can definitely see why. Ariana Grande asks you to "Put Your Hearts Up" in the air, whilst doing heart hands and turning the street into a musical. Totally over the top and way too cheesy.

Ariana Grande became well known for playing Cat Valentine on Victorious, which then lead to a spin-off show called Sam & Cat. This was her debut single, back in 2011, and many fans have said that this reminds them of Cat Valentine and that she was just acting in this entire music video. It is extremely cheesy. Ariana Grande has described it as 'bubblegum pop' and that that genre is not her. Personally, it's more 'cheesy pop' than anything else since 'bubblegum pop' has come a long way compared to what it was, just check out Alexandra Stan's "Cherry Pop". This 'cheesy pop' song has been taken off Ariana Grande's Vevo account as she hates it so much! This was supposed to be the lead single from her debut album, but "The Way" replaced it and this song is all but forgotten about now. This song samples 4 Non Blondes' "What's Up?". It was written by Linda Perry, Martin Johnson and Matt Squire.

Directed by Meiert Avis and Jeremy Alter, the music video feels like it's straight out of 'Hairspray'. It's over the top cheese, with extra on top, just to make sure. No wonder Ariana Grande hates this.

There's a full choreography part, that Ariana Grande pulls off like we totally expect her to, although the ending clips show that she did actually mess it up a little bit. Totally in sync with the dancers, who totally bat out this dance sequence like it was made for them.

It's quite cute as a complete package, but there's not a lot to comment on, and Ariana Grande does not suit this pink dress whatsoever. This is not great to watch compared to how far she's come and how polished her music videos are right now.
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Chart Mondays: Ariana Grande Featuring Nicki Minaj - Side To Side

I've been waiting for this one, seeing it rise on the UK Chart, and just hoping it would appear in the top ten. There were only two choices for me this week... James Arthur's "Say You Won't Let Go" was the other option. It was beaten to the top spot by The Chainsmokers & Halsey with their song "Closer", which doesn't have a music video. As much as I don't want to review a James Arthur video, I may have to in the next coming weeks if it stays in the top ten, or climbs up to number one. For now, I shall avoid it as much as possible as I am not a fan at all of James Arthur. Luckily, this is my Chart Mondays review. Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj work "Side To Side" in the sauna of a gym, amongst hot static guys. Ariana Grande even works out in sync on some bikes in this sexed-up music video.

Ariana Grande is the person on everybody's lips, the singer everyone is watching because she's batting out hit after hit after hit. She first appeared as Cat Valentine in Victorious. She has fully left acting behind as she has quickly made her name in the pop world. Now there's no stopping her, the future is bright for Ariana Grande. This song features Nicki Minaj, another solid singer in the music industry. Her real name is Onika Maraj, and practically everyone knows who she is. She labels herself as the 'Queen of Rap' in this song and she pretty much is, let's be honest. These two singers have worked together before, with Jessie J on the song "Bang Bang". This song was written by Max Martin, Savan Kotecha, Alexander Kronlund, Ilya Salmanzadeh, Ariana Grande and Onika Maraj.

Directed by Hannah Lux Davies, it's no surprise that this is a high-quality music video. It's so thought out and extremely suggestive, especially since the song is about soreness after sex, according to Ariana Grande.

We start off with Ariana Grande and her dance troupe on bikes after a slight scene of her staring into the camera. The girls perform on the bikes, pulling off the dance routine in-sync; the choreography is well thought out and is performed to perfection. They have put a lot of effort in preparing to pull this off and it works perfectly.

The other big scene is the sauna room, where Nicki Minaj has her rap. Her and Ariana Grande are stylish and are clearly having fun and a bit of a mess around, these two clearly get along easily. The male dancers are extremely static, and although that pushes all the attention to the two singers, more movement would've been much more interesting.

There's not a lot else to say, the shower room scene is extremely steamy, and Nicki Minaj knows how to capture the attention, but that's nothing new. As a whole, it's solid and relatable and definitely full fire. The song is a massive catchy song, that will no doubt continue to rise on the charts globally.
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Ariana Grande - Into You

Ariana Grande has always been one of those people I have kept my eye on. Her music is amazing and her vocal ability is outstanding, and this song just proves my point and even though I don't love it as much as her previous songs, I can't deny that it touches me and it's catchy. Ariana Grande goes to the Honeymoon Inn with her bodyguard lover, but as he watches over her at a party, she spots an ex; she soon leaves with the bodyguard following, ready to take her away.

Ariana Grande first hit the scene in TV show Victorious playing Cat Valentine before starring in a spin-off show. Now, she is long from that children's series and now is one of the hottest female singers in the world, definitely the pop princess of this generation. She's worked hard to get where she is now and she has had the career many have dreamed of. She won't stop, that's for sure, especially when she keeps releasing fire song after fire song. This song was written by Max Martin, Savan Kotecha, Alexander Kronlund, Ilya Salmanzadeh and Ariana Grande.

Directed by Hannah Lux Davis and featuring actor Don Benjamin as Ariana Grande's love interest, the video is both narrative and performance based, more focusing on the relationship between Ariana Grande and Don Benjamin.

The narrative side of the video is very romanticised. It's clear that these two manage to establish a connection, really focusing on the love for each other. They easily fall into their character roles although it's clear that kissing one another was a little held back.

However, the two manage to be playful and manage to portray chemistry which is usually found at the start of relationships.

As Don Benjamin watches over her at a party, we see her not having the best time as she spots one of her ex's kissing another girl. I would have also left the party if I were her, shame I haven't got a sexy bodyguard watching over me and prepared to whisk me away on a motorbike, maybe one day.

As for the short performance scene shown throughout, Ariana Grande clearly means every word she is singing. This song means a lot to her, and it means a lot to me too, because people need the confidence to make a move, it's why I always end up making a move. Confidence should always be rewarded in my book, and clearly Ariana Grande agrees.

As a complete package, this video has it all, but the narrative is slightly confusing. The kissing scenes seem awkward and unnatural. However, they make it up to the watchers in the end as they manage to show chemistry and complete engagement throughout.
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Ariana Grande Featuring Zedd - Break Free

We all know what Ariana Grande wanted to be when she was older, an intergalactic warrior princess. Video set in space on a fictional planet, inspired by Barbarella and Star Wars. Takes me back to the TV series such as Doctor Who, Firefly and Atomic Betty. Childish, yet sexual and provocative. Ariana Grande is no longer the cute, innocent nickelodeon teen idol... Pretty sure we've said similar things about Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera... The list is endless.

Ariana Grande shot to fame in Nickelodeon show Victorious, playing Cat Valentine. She continued her role into spin off series Sam & Cat. She next went into singing, and although her album hit number 7 in the UK charts, her singles from her first album rarely made the top 100. Her Christmas album didn't help either. She shot to fame in the UK thanks to featured artist Iggy Azalea on song "Problem" which scored her first top 40 single, as well as her first number one. Since then she hasn't stopped impacting the UK chart in a major way. 2014 was definitely her year, and I'm sure she will have continued success.

This song, written by Anton Zaslavski, Max Martin and Savan Kotecha, is definitely my TUNE! When this comes on in the clubs, I just have to dance, I just can't help it. Not really a surprise since it's written by some great song writers. The song features Zedd, DJ and music producer, who has yet had a number one single, but came close when he collaborated with Hayley Williams on "Stay the Night", which charted at number 2 here in the UK. Could 2015 be his year to dominate the UK charts?

The music video surprised me when I first saw it. This was just not what I expected from Ariana Grande. However she is 21 years old (same age as me), and as we all know, children TV stars have so many restrictions that when they become of age they do branch out and show they aren't so innocent. It worked for Miley Cyrus, she scored number ones here in the UK, after trying so hard innocently. And it worked for Britney and Christina, they definitely wouldn't be around if they had kept up their innocent acts. I've said it before and I'll say it again, these things need to happen, regardless of parents views. As much as we all want to, we can't be sweet and innocent for our entire lives.

The video disappointed me as the monsters wasn't quite so thought out. They weren't quite so scary. However she did get captured, and she broke free. Zedd rescues everyone through a spaceship, and there is a cute baby elephant hybrid thing in the spaceship too, I want one of those!
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