Australia Entry: Isaiah - Don't Come Easy

Don't Come Easy - Isaiah |

The announcement of Australia returning to the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 had me excited since they always send amazing acts. Once again, they managed to do just that, with Isaiah; I also fell for his amazing song that totally got me on first listen; what a voice he has! The music video is much better than the stage production of the song, I was totally expecting big things from Australia this year, and a turntable just wasn't good enough. Isaiah came ninth with 173 points, he scored just two points from the televote, but 171 from the jury vote. I am obsessed with his voice, but the whole staging just didn't do it justice, so it's not a surprise he scored so low on the televote. Watch Isaiah fully bring the emotion needed for his Eurovision 2017 performance-based music video for "Don't Come Easy".

Isaiah, full name Isaiah Firebrace, made his name known on the eighth series of The X Factor Australia, which he subsequently went on to win. His winner's single was released, titled "It's Gotta Be You", which managed to chart at number 26 in Australia; as well as number 21 in Denmark, 60 in the Netherlands, 59 in Czech Republic, 60 in Slovakia, 15 in Sweden, and 6 on the New Zealand Heatseekers chart. It was then followed up with a debut album which charted at number 12 in Australia and made it on to the New Zealand Heatseekers Albums chart. It was an obviously good choice to choose him as the Australian representative for Eurovision 2017, what with him already charting in other countries. I loved the song as soon as it was announced, but the staging just wasn't good enough. The song was written by Anthony Egizii, David Musumeci, and Michael Angelo.

Directed by Oscar Partridge and David Burrowes. It's a pure performance visual, which sees Isaiah bring emotion like never before, easily identifying with the song and showing what it means to him throughout the music video.

My main problem is that there isn't a lot going on in this visual. Performance piece music videos for Eurovision visuals always feel a bit of a waste; since, when they're on stage, they're performing the song in every way they can. Therefore, I much prefer a narrative music video.

Overall, this visual doesn't bring anything new to the table. The focus is of Isaiah singing the song, and even though he's done a good job of it, the song stands out so much more than the visual itself. This isn't that memorable, and fails to keep the audience interested throughout.
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Australia Entry: Dami Im - Sound Of Silence

Australia took part once again in the Eurovision Song Contest, and did even better this year. Dami Im is definitely a future international star, she's ready to conquer the world and no doubt about it she will get there, hence why she's a part of my Eurovision Special. Proving they deserve to be in the competition, Australia won the Jury vote, and came an extremely intense second overall with 511 points. Dami Im performed amazingly on the Semi-Finals and at the Grand Final, definitely a front runner with that amazing beautiful voice, so much better than the sound of silence, a visual experience, the video doesn't match up as well as the staging on the Grand Final.

Dami Im is one of the top stars in Australia, originally born in South Korea, she moved to Australia when she was nine. Australia is taking the Eurovision Song Contest so seriously, that that is why they are doing so well, they are sending amazing act after amazing act and are definitely destined to win soon if they keep it up, and are allowed to continue entering (obviously). Dami Im was chosen by internal selection, winner of fifth season of The X Factor (Australia), she was thrown into the music world, a number one self-titled album soon followed with hit single after hit single. Causing waves around the world, she slammed into the South Korean charts. She is the future international star, she's has a taste of global fame with this coming second in the competition, now she just needs to ride the waves, because this amazing vocalist deserves to be heard worldwide. This song was written by Anthony Egizii and David Musumeci.

This music video is nothing compared to the amazing staging in both the Semi-Final and the Grand Final, the latter can be viewed below.

A pure performance piece, Dami Im is truly beautiful, destined to become an international star, her vocals are one point, she looks stunning and truly knows how to capture everyone when singing.

Encased in her world, you start to believe every word she's singing, missing a loved one, wishing they were beside her.

A contemporary dancer is shown in this video, perfect choreography mastered freestyle. The dancer breaks this video up, giving it the sense of lost and longing in which Dami Im is singing about.

A beautiful performance music video, that is lacking a lot considering the staging of her Eurovision Song Contest entry. Stunning, Dami Im sings effortlessly. This is one female singer we can't afford to lose, she needs to become a global superstar.
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