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I had no idea what to review today, and then Cleo came on to my iTunes, not this exact song though, and I decided that I might as well review one of hers. She's one of my favourite singers from Eurovision in the last few years and has certainly been considered as underrated; however, her career has certainly soared as she continues to bring exciting new music and incredible high-quality music videos. I really believe she is a star in the making; although, to go international she needs more exposure. Watch Cleo party on a rooftop with a bunch of voluptuous women as she performs the track in this music video for her song "N-O-C".

Cleo, real name Joanna Klepko. is best known for representing her home country of Poland at the Eurovision Song Contest 2014 alongside Donatan, with the song "My Słowianie", where they came 14th with 62 points. She previously took part in the first season of the Polish version of X Factor. This song is one of her most recent tracks, and she has since charted in Poland with her songs. As for her album, that did really well on the albums chart in Poland and shows she is an artist worth watching out for. This song was written by Cleo and DobroBIT.

Directed by Piotr Smoleński & Michał Konrad, this music video is of high quality and engaging from start to finish, which is something we've come to expect from Cleo. She brings a fierce quality to the video, although she also has quite an interesting high-quality relaxed fashion style.

There are various shots of a helicopter circling around the rooftop, which we can only presume some of the camera shots are from. There are a whole host of models and extras, partying, dancing sexily, taking clothes off, and splashing water, all before Cleo takes to riding in a car at the very end.

Starring throughout the visual is Ola Ciupa, Sandra Traczyk, Luxuria Astaroth, Julia Wróblewska, and Patryk Pniewski. Overall, even though this music video is of high quality, and Cleo brings it, there's just something missing; however, it does relate to the song since I translated the lyrics. I cannot wait to see what the future brings for Cleo.
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Poland Entry: Donatan & Cleo - My Słowianie - We Are Slavic

Keeping up with my Eurovision Special, this song would've got 12 points from my country, the UK, if it was all down to the public vote. Highly sexualised and definitely catchy, Cleo is a star in the making, her clear crisp vocals are rhythmically amazing. Poland scored 62 points placing them 14th in the Eurovision Song Contest 2014. Sexualised to the max, Donatan and Cleo's "My Słowianie - We Are Slavic" surprised us all at Eurovision, with a catchy number and expressing Poland's traditional ways.

Donatan, real name Witold Czamara, is a Polish producer and a part of RafPak. Both of his albums, one of which is a collaborative album with Cleo, have both hit the Polish number one. His infectious beats will continue to score him chart success and be known as a influence within Polish music. However, Cleo and Donatan have now parted ways, with Cleo going after a solo career. Real name Joanna Klepko, Cleo has really hit it off with her solo career, becoming a known name within Polish music and the chart. They were selected by internal selection. The song was written by Cleo. And despite the clear public love for the song and music video, it didn't chart anywhere else apart from Poland.

Directed by Piotr Smoleński, the video was shot in the museum of agriculture, Muzeum Rolnictwa, and features the Song and Dance Ensemble of the Warsaw University, 'Warszawianka'; as well as model Kamila Smogulecka who is also known as Luxuria Astaroth.

As stated before, this music video is over-the-top sexualised in reference to Poland's traditional ways. Although Slavic women can be found in history in many different countries.

Set in a whole different time zone, this is turned modern, as there's dancing, singing and Slavic Girls.

Various chores can be seen performed by women, along with baking and training. It's clearly a celebration of their past brought into the 21st century.

The video is relatable, well overly relatable, to the song. Taking a tongue-in-cheek look into the past of Poland. With a catchy song, this visual music video has been watched by the millions. Definitely deserved it's placing in the Eurovision Song Contest 2014, maybe deserved a higher placing, but there was so many great songs that year.
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