Israel Entry: IMRI - I Feel Alive

I Feel Alive - IMRI |

He opened the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 with this song and unfortunately didn't do so well in the voting, possibly because he went first. It was so sad to hear the Isreal spokesperson announce that this might be the last time Israel performs at Eurovision. The Israel representative managed to give a brilliant performance on the night, but going first has it's drawbacks and was possibly forgotten about as time went on. He placed 23rd with 39 points, 34 points came from the juries whilst the five points came from the televote. The music video itself represents Tel Aviv and shows how beautiful it looks; we all want to go there now, don't we? Especially if IMRI is there to keep us entertained. Watch IMRI meet up with mates and start a party in this celebratory Eurovision 2017 music video for "I Feel Alive" that shows off Tel Aviv in all its Israel summer glory.

IMRI, full name Imri Ziv, has graced the Eurovision stage a number of times, as this music video likes to suggest and confirm. However, he never made centre stage; instead, he acted as a backing singer during those two times in 2015 and 2016. In 2017, he took part in HaKokhav HaBa, which is the original version of Rising Star; he subsequently won the show and went on to represent Israel at Eurovision 2017. He has got a brilliant voice and I can't wait to see what other music he releases in the future. This song is one of my top favourites and has an unforgettable twist amongst the backing track in an East-Europe-meets-West-Europe pop. It was written by Dolev Ram and Penn Hazut.

Directed by Elad Weissman & Yoasv Tsafir, this music video encompasses Tel Aviv purely showing off its beauty. I never really thought about what it was like over there, but it really looks stunning in this visual; we all want to go there now, but only if IMRI shows us around.

There is a slight narrative to this as he hops into a Jeep with his mates and goes to pick up some girls from the beach who have been lying on giant-sized deck chairs with the words "I ♡ Tel Aviv" before they head up the stairs to the Jeep.

They go off to an outdoor party which includes a crowd of people and some dancing, which makes IMRI look even sexier if that was even possible. Controlled throughout, the choreography is nailed to perfection, perfectly in sync at all the right times, and it totally works.

The ending scene sees the party turning into a foam party. Can Tel Aviv look any more exciting? It's definitely one place I hope to visit one day, for sure - just because of this music video. It's a great performance piece, much like he did on stage. It tells a subtle narrative between him and a girl. It works but there is more of a representation of Tel Aviv, rather than the song or of IMRI.
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Israel Entry: Mei Finegold - Same Heart

Kickstarting my look-back on the Eurovision Song Contest 2014 & 2015, is this number by Mei Finegold. An early favourite that failed to make it through to the Grand Final. Unfortunately Israel scored 19 points, placing them 14th in the second semi-final of the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest. Mei Finegold shows so much sass in this music video for Same Heart; powerful, emotional and sassy, this should've done better in Eurovision.

Mei Finegold took part in Kokhav Nolad (A Star is Born) based off Pop Idol, she came in third place in the seventh season. Her vocals are outstanding, and definitely works better on ballads, however clearly she has love for upbeat tracks considering the songs she has released so far. It seems she hasn't released anything quite so new recently. She'll probably be lost, a Eurovision star that never made it. Yet with a voice like that, she can't give up. This song was written by Rami Talmid.

The music video is full of sass, she's extremely confident in her performance, especially when backed by dancers during the choreography.

She unleashes performance vibes that engages the audience, showing that she is a fighter, and yet no new music since her collaboration with Shlomi Levi & Shay Rokach on pride anthem "Sweet Harmony".

The narrative doesn't develop enough, as Mei Finegold trains with her samurai sword, preparing for the fight that is to come amongst the hills. The video stops before the fight plays out, failing to keep us gripped, and it doesn't have a follow-up video which totally should've been released as another single, as it would've been great promotion for the next single.

Overall, a lost star amongst many; Eurovision 2014 was the year for many stand-out acts, an extremely competitive year to say the least. A banging song that is so catchy yet doesn't quite match the vocalist. And an accompanying music video that leaves way too much to the imagination, yet Mei Finegold does her best with it. Sassy, on point and focused, what more could we have asked from her?
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Israel Entry: Hovi Star - Made Of Stars

An instant fan favourite, Hovi Star is next on my Eurovision 2016 Special. Already an established star in Israel, He finally achieved his dream, to grace the Eurovision stage and represent his country. He's vocally talented, stylishly fashionable, and is definitely the LGBT+ representative this year. The song is strong, but I always expect an amazing chorus and it's kind of lacking. This guy has conquered his dream, now it's time to be an international star, as he definitely has the voice for it. Hovi Star claims we're all Made of Stars in this LGBT+ anthem, whilst singing out to a number of drones in this music video.

Hovi Star, real name Hovav Sekulets, took part in Kokhav Nolad (meaning A Star Is Born), which is similar to 'Pop Idol' and it's spinoffs. He came seventh, then known as Hovi "Star" Sekulets, he launched a career and has rerecorded songs in Hebrew for well known films such as 'Frozen', 'Cinderella' and 'Inside Out'. He then competed in HaKokhav HaBa L'Eirovizion, based off the 'Raising Star' franchise, where the winner represents the country in the Eurovision Song Contest. This, Hovi Star won, which he is more than deserving. He came 14th in the Grand Final with 135 points. I'm sure this is not the last we've seen of Hovi Star. The song was written by Doron Medalie.

This music video shows off Tel Aviv in Israel, with the help of drones. It's a little weird that Hovi Star is singing to them, I presume they represent stars or people who are stars.

Hovi Star performs with so much emotion, he has clearly connected with this song and he performed just as well during the Grand Final as well as the Semi-Final.

There's not much to this video apart from Hovi Star serenading the drones that are both flying around him and following him. Nothing amazing but clear performance vibes. Hovi Star will be back, this is not the last we've seen of him!
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