Sweden Entry: Sanna Nielsen - Undo

Another amazing song that was entered for the Eurovision Song Contest 2014. This is effortlessly beautiful! Sanna Nielsen represented Sweden in the 2014 Eurovision Contest, she came third in the Grand Final with 218 points. Sweden, over the years, has done well in the contest. Their national selection process is one of the best in the world and always enable the best singers and performers to win and represent their country. Sanna Nielsen gives an emotional static performance as glitter spices up the video for "Undo".

Sanna Nielsen is definitely a household name in Sweden, having released a total of eight albums and a few Christmas seasonal music albums. She has competed in many Swedish music contests and has even entered the Melodifestivalen seven times! Who would've thought that she'd go on to win and represent Sweden at Eurovision in 2014. Definitely the comeback queen. She competed in 2001 with "I går, i dag" where she came third; then she came fifth in 2003 with "Hela världen för mig"; in 2005 she came eighth in a collaboration with Fredrik Kempe on song "Du och jag mot världen"; next was "Vågar du, vågar jag" in 2007 where she came seventh; next, in 2008, she came second again with "Empty Room"; she tried again in 2011 with "I'm In Love" where she came fourth; but it was her seventh attempt with "Undo" in 2014 that she finally got her win! It's clear that to achieve your dream you have to keep trying over and over again. She's made a name for herself, she just needs international success, because her voice is perfection! This song was written by Fredrik Kempe, David Kreuger and Hamed "K-One" Pirouzpanah.

Directed by Mats Udd, the video is a pure performance visual, although Sanna Nielsen doesn't move around much, instead staying in one position throughout.

Her facial emotions proves her performance ability. She sings the song from the heart and really means every word. She has totally connected with the song completely.

The dancers are shown in slow motion as they sprinkle glitter dust everywhere. Sometimes the visual is shown backwards so it looks like they're gathering the glitter dust.

As a visual it's captivating, although quite shocking to see the heart of the girl come out and smash on the floor, and then the flowers doing the exact same even though they shouldn't break apart like they've been shown.

The video definitely gives a different perspective, whilst relating well to the song. Sanna Nielsen can definitely perform, and she is clearly meant to be on a stage. Her voice is beautiful from start to finish. The video is intriguing and magical, but on the surface it doesn't keep the audience attentive the way the song does.
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Sweden Entry: Robin Stjernberg - You

Robin Stjernberg is pretty well known in Sweden, not only was he one fourth of What's Up! along side Eric Saade (who also represented Sweden in Eurovision, his year was 2011), he also came second on Sweden's Idol in 2011. His album 'My Versions' went to number one in Sweden, yet this is his only single to chart to date. He won Sweden's Eurovision national selection which is called Melodifestivalen which is one of the countries biggest TV reality competitions. Sweden takes this competition extremely seriously! It's usually a big party! I don't know what to think of this guy. During the final of Eurovision I was rooting for him, along with all my favourites, but now that I've seen this music video I'm questioning who he is.

At the final we saw a dance singer, yet this music video song is stripped back and it's a piano version. I would go as far as saying that this isn't really a music video, more a recording of a piano version of his song, yet there is no other music video to find... Is this him? Someone singing while playing a piano? Or is he this dance musician we saw at the final? The song was written by Robin Stjernberg, Linnea Deb, Joy Deb and Joakim Harestad Haukaas. And it was written in tribute to his father who brought him up without the help of anyone else.

Sweden came 14th out of 26 countries, falling short of half way, yet compared to most of my favourites this year, that is a great placing. Robin Stjernberg got 62 points overall, 5 points from Moldova, 4 points from Finland, 1 point from Belgium, 1 point from Estonia, 3 points from Germany, 3 points from Netherlands, 8 points from Denmark, 4 points from Iceland, 12 points from Norway, 5 points from Ireland, 6 points from Slovenia, 1 point from Croatia, 1 point from Serbia, 4 points from Latvia and another 4 points from Bulgaria.

The music video has a different song to which Robin Stjernberg performed, and although the lyrics are the same, the music video is a piano version. This is one thing I am not happy about, I'm supposed to be reviewing the music video for the song performed on Eurovision, yet this is a different version and not what I was expecting.

As I previously stated, this doesn't seem like a proper music video, more of a piano version. And I'm sorry to say but I don't think he manages to draw us in, he is lacking stage presence. Performing with a piano is rarely entertaining to watch and will only interest a minority, however there are videos that still manage to draw you in, this isn't one of them.

Overall I preferred the Eurovision version of the song in which Robin Stjernberg performed, compared to this one. There is very little for me to comment on this video, as there isn't a lot going on. There are a few good choices on camera shots and editing, however occasionally the camera does do a weird shot, that makes it seem amateurish. The song lyrics contains the word piano, and so it kind of relates, through a very small link. This wasn't what I was expecting from Robin Stjernberg...

Eurovision 2012 Winner: Sweden Entry: Loreen - Euphoria

Loreen, real name Lorine Talhaoui, won the Eurovision Song Contest 2012 in Baku, Azerbaijan. And she is definitely a worthy winner. She has scored quite a few number ones with this song across Europe, and I have to admit it is such a great song. But I also hope that she doesn't disappear like many winners before her. They tend to release one song worldwide and they chart pretty high, and then they only release in their country and it's kind of a disappointment as we all voted you to win. Could Loreen change all that and stay current in the whole of Europe? She is promoting by doing interviews here there and everywhere, so it's a possibility. She came 4th in the first series of Idol (Sweden), the Swedish version of Pop Idol. And won Sweden's national selection for Eurovision called Melodifestivalen which is one of the biggest competitions in Sweden. And has since got a lot of success from her singles that she released in Sweden.

"Euphoria" was written by Thomas G:Son (I wonder where we've heard that name before, he helped write "Quédate Conmigo") and Peter Boström. Sweden deserved this song, I was surprised they didn't win last year with Eric Saade. But Loreen is going to be a superstar, and this song is amazing, but surprisingly Peter Boström also wrote Tooji's song, which came last in the Eurovision 2012. So it's definitely all upon the song and how it is sung.

This music video is a performance piece, on what she did for Sweden's selection into the Eurovision. It is a great song, but is it the best music video? It's difficult for me to like a performance piece, but has this one got the qualities?

I think not. I'm sorry, but she's there all by herself singing, I like the fact that she is moving about the stage and using choreography she has been given, or she made up herself, but it isn't that good. I love it when the guy comes along and they have a dance fight, which is pretty interesting to watch.

I love the snow machines, I want them myself. And that is all I have to comment on the music video. It doesn't blow me away, but it doesn't make me hate it either. The only thing I can say is that it doesn't link in well with the song, and I was expecting something a bit better. Anyhow here's my rating.