Switzerland Entry: Timebelle - Apollo

Apollo - Timebelle |

Now, this was one of my favourites from this year's Eurovision Song Contest. This was totally one of my frontrunners to win the whole thing until I saw the rehearsals and their staging - that completely dropped any chance that they had; believe it or not, staging can change the whole outcome. Timebelle represented Switzerland with their song "Apollo" gaining 97 points, placing them 12th in the second semi-final; they got 49 points in televoting and 48 points in the jury vote. The music video is classy and shows the trio as a great professional group; on stage, it was a totally different story and just didn't connect well with both the viewers at home and the juries. Watch the trio Timebelle perform this song in a classy building, looking incredible as leaves cascade down them before they meet up with old people and get them to dance in the Eurovision 2017 "Apollo" music video.

Timebelle are a three-piece group consisting of Miruna Mănescu, Samuel Forster, and Emanuel Daniel Andriescu. They used to be a five-piece group and attempted to represent Switzerland at Eurovision previously in Die Entscheidungsshow in 2015, they placed second, just missing out. They returned as a three-piece, this year and won the contest. Unfortunately, they didn't make it through the second semi-final. The song was phenomenal, and is still one of my favourites; however, the staging totally ruined the whole thing and I am disappointed with Switzerland on the whole decision of the stage production. Regardless, I'll continue to support Timebelle, and I hope they continue making brilliant music. This song was written by Elias Näslin, Nicholas Günthardt, and Alessandra Günthardt.

The trio worked with Next Generation Media for this music video, which was filmed in Romania. It's set inside a very classy old building, and the trio looks completely classy and stunning throughout, especially Miruna Mănescu. I really wished they used this theme on the Eurovision stage, I'm sure that it would've given them the much-needed points to get through to the Grand Final.

There are a few scenes spotted throughout this music video, the main performance piece where the trio is seen dressed in black; then there's the scene with the old men and women, some of which are couples, clearly waiting for Timebelle to turn up and get the party started - which is exactly what they do towards the end of the music video; and, then, there's the falling leaves scene, which is just beautiful throughout.

If anything, this music video easily represents Timebelle in the most perfect way. I will forever keep on wishing they had brought this to the Eurovision stage, this is exactly what should've been shown. The song is about following your dreams, fighting for them, and getting them in the end because you never gave up. This is the sort of music we all need to encourage us to keep fighting, me more so than others because I've been very up and down lately.

Overall this music video is perfect in every way. It's relatable, it's different, it's stunning, and it's something I'm more than happy to watch again and again and again. Timebelle may not have made the Grand Final, they may not have won the competition, but they've definitely turned me into a fan, and I believe I'm not the only one. I can't wait to see what they release next.
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Runa - Blestem

Blestem - Runa |

In case you haven't noticed, I've been a bit obsessed with Romanian female artists, specifically the ones releasing on Global Records, and here is another one, called Runa. She's got some sweet tantalising vocals, the sort that are gorgeous to just listen to. It really works with this song. In the "Blestem" music video, watch Runa perform her song as cute as she sings it.

Runa, real name Miruna Manescu, is another Romanian female singer on the Global Records label. This is her debut single, and the name of the song translates into English as "Curse". She is part of the group Timebelle, who competed in the Switzerland national selection to Eurovision 2015, where they came second, first in the public vote... They released a self-titled EP, before entering for this year's national selection for Switzerland, again. They are in the top six and could be representing Switzerland in Kyiv, Ukraine for the Eurovision Song Contest 2017. The song was written by Alexandru Ioan Pelin and Ovidiu Baciu.

Once again, Khaled Mokhtar has directed this music video. His music video styles are pretty similar and here's another performance piece, which is just as good as all the others he has directed.

Runa acts all cute in this music video as she moves about in her long coat. She does look sexy but doesn't pull it off as well as other artists we've seen; besides, her cuteness goes well with the song.

There is a male love-interest who can be seen every now and then in some clips. He's just as cute and they've done this music video very cleverly.

Overall, it's a great performance visual that totally works with the song. It feels quite similar to others we have seen directed by Khaled Mokhtar, but it's stunning nonetheless.
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