30 Seconds To Mars - Kings and Queens

10 February Critic Jonni 0 Comments

30 Seconds To Mars are one of my all time favourite bands, their music is such an inspiration to us and Jared Leto's voice is amazing, and this song just proves that. The band consists of Jard Leto, Shannon Leto and Tomo Miličević. They have recently beaten a Guinness World record, as I mentioned in my most recent 30 Seconds To Mars review. But they haven't released a single since two years ago, could this mean that their new songs will be the best they've ever released? We're all hoping so, but how they will beat a single like this, I'm not sure.

As expected Jared Leto wrote this song, and you can really tell that he thinks strongly about this song, it has a musicality that is both amazing and brilliant and his voice... It's definitely one of those song that when you listen to it, you can shut your eyes and just think it's bliss. As far as I can work out (thanks to the lyrics) the song is about going down your own path... The way I worked this out was "We were the Kings and Queens of promise" which suggests what your parents believe you can be anything once you are born. "Maybe the children of a lesser God. Between Heaven and Hell." Suggests a kinder God, one who will protect us and prevent us from prejudicing everyone. However the verses tell us something different. 1st verse tells us that we've changed we are who we've become and we have started judging people just like God tells us to do. 2nd verse could be reference to our parents, we took our lives into our own hands and decided to lead our life the way we want to. The bridge suggests that we will never be sure what's right or wrong until we've done it, and darkness descends, we learn our 1st lesson of many to come and will learn from it and become better people because of it. This song is so inspirational, and this is what I get out of it. However if you were to look at the lyrics you may come up with some other meaning. This song touches people in different ways and it's one of those songs that is inspirational and means something different to everyone but in a positive light. It's also a song people learn from, one that makes people become inspired. And this is what makes a song, the most perfect song. I could imagine this song live and it would be the epiphany of perfection

Putting the song aside and focusing on the music video... It fits in perfect and I'll always watch it whenever I find it on the music channels, as soon as I see it on a music channel I stop flicking through and watch it. Again it has narrative and performance which is what we usually expect from a band and it links in just right, although if you had heard the song and not watched the music video you really wouldn't have thought this would have been the music video.

The narrative side is the biking, they start from downtown Los Angeles and go all the way to Santa Monica Pier, there are quite a few artistic forms in this music video, and some bits are shocking. I like the man who's riding the big bike, it's really hard to miss him, and it makes me eager to have a go. I like the different places they ride, such as the tunnel, and the spiral they create in the middle of the road. Some people find the horse a little weird but it relates to Los Angeles. When the bike gets hit by the car it scares me every single time, because I never quite know when it's coming up and it just happens out of nowhere.

The performance side of things is filmed on top of a cliff edge in Griffith Park that overlooks the city.I like the use of the sunset which casts shadows of 30 Seconds to Mars, and gives the music video this feel of motivation.

Overall, I would normally give this song 5 stars purely because it's emotional and I can feel every word Jared Leto is singing. However this is a music video review, but I haven't got a bad this to say about it, it's interesting and easily watchable. It has everything you need and more so how can I not put this rating?