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08 February Critic Jonni 2 Comments

Cover Drive are a new band, they have so far released two singles, this one being their second and it actually made number one here in the UK, and what do you expect from such a great song and vocalist? They are a 4-piece R&B group from Barbados and consists of Amanda Reifer (real name Karen Amanda Reifer), Thomas-Ray 'T-Ray' Armstrong, Barry 'Bar-Man' Hill and Jamar Harding. They are signed to Polydor Records UK, who have so many artists to their label, I just wonder how far this band will go... I hope they get far, but it'll be one of those things that they either will or they won't, I have my fingers crossed that there are more songs like this one.

I first heard "Twilight" on the radio, and I really wasn't expecting Cover Drive to be the people who sung it, especially after their first song "Lick Ya Down". I was also expecting it to be on the Twilight Sega: Breaking Dawn soundtrack, so I was shocked to find it wasn't. The song was written by Andreas Romdhane, Josef Larossi, Ina Wroldsen, Karen Reifer, Thomas-Ray Armstrong and Jamar Harding. The first two make up the production team "Quiz & Larossi", who have has a number of successes. Ina is best known for quite a lot of "The Saturdays" songs but has also been mentioned on my blog a few times as writing credits, definitely one to look out for. And the last three are in Cover Drive as Karen is Amanda's real name. So they can connect with the song a bit, but I think the fact that the song is so catchy is what made it get to number one in the first place. But people will be looking out for Cover Drive from now on.

To be honest the music video is simple, there really hasn't been much thought put into it, and it is expected of a band's first few singles, however I would become worried if they ended up releasing music videos like this in the future. By listening to the song on it's own, you wouldn't have thought this music video would be like this, although it does have a weak link with the song.

The music video shows fun at it's best, you can see the friendship of the band and how comfortable they are with one another. I am in love with the last scene where they are performing, as twilight is setting in. It's such an amazing scene and fits in with song perfectly, and makes you feel calm, and eager to watch it again.

I reckon many people were expecting a music video about two people being in their first few stages of a relationship, however instead we get to see the bond within the band, and how they are becoming connected. Their friendship is sweet to watch, and probably makes some people envious. Cover Drive will become big, and it looks like they'll be able to keep their friendship within the band.

There isn't a lot to say about this, but there are some great scenes to watch, and I have a feeling artists are going to have to be careful when releasing music, as they are going to have to stay out of the way of Cover Drive, because if the rest of their music turns out like this, they're going to be unstoppable. I've dropped a star purely because I sort of prefer a mixture of performance and a narrative that links in well with the song, but really, if I were able to, I would only drop half a star.
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  1. Btw Karen reifer is Amanda cos her real name is Karen Amanda reifer

    1. Thank you, I cross-referenced it with sources on the internet and you are right, thank you, I shall incorporate it into the post :)