New Release: Train - Drive By

16 April Critic Jonni 1 Comments

Train is releasing their new song this week, and by looking at the iTunes chart, it's climbing high already. I wouldn't say I'm a fan of this band, but I do enjoy their music. I have seen this video on the music channels and flipped over it, as I thought it was Robbie Williams... How wrong could I be?

Train are a three-piece pop/rock band from America, they consist of Patrick Monahan, Scott Underwood and Jimmy Stafford. Their biggest hit in the UK was "Hey, Soul Sister", but as of last week "Drops of Jupiter (Tell Me)" got to number 10 on the UK chart on album downloads only. We all know that this single will do amazing.

"Drive By" was written by Patrick Monahan, Espen Lind and Amund Bjørklund. The latter two make up the production team Espionage, who have worked with Train for quite some time. This single is being played a lot here in the UK, and I can see it being pretty big here. Cannot wait to see where it will chart.

The music video is both narrative and performance, which most of the best music videos are. I like how they have intricately cut the music video, it's interesting and really clever.

I like how you start off with her talking on the phone to Patrick saying "You should be sorry, you're the one who left. Listen erm... I'm going to be late for work." Then we are given footage from the past, that all leads up to when they were in bed together and he left.

He drives his car, and other cars follow, and he manages to get his girl back. But who is she? I'm sure I've seen her before, but then again I might be wrong. I've been searching for a name but haven't found it as of yet.

The only bit I have left to comment on is the YouTube comments, that make me laugh so much. People are saying that she is too young for Patrick, and I have to agree, he is 43, and she looks like she's in her early twenties... What is with that?

Overall a great music video that I'll be watching again and again, and I definitely will not be mistaking it for Robbie Williams, never ever again. As for the song it's amazing and I love it, and I'm sure others will in the UK, I can definitely see this getting far in the chart.

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  1. She is Linda Croitoru known abroad under the stage name as Linda Taylor. She was chosen by the director among 400 who auditioned. Linda was born and raised in Romania.