Hot Chelle Rae - Honestly

April 08, 2012 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

So last but not lease DJD has been picked from my randomiser (by default). He has chosen Hot Chelle Rae - Honestly, again another band I've never heard of, so therefore I've never seen this video. But after one watch and listen I really like them.

Hot Chelle Rae is a rock band from America, as far as I can tell they haven't attempted to crack the UK yet, but it will be happening really soon with "I Like It Like That" released on the 28th May, and I can see them doing pretty well over here. The band consists of Ryan Follesé, Nash Overstreet (brother of Chord Overstreet and son of Paul Overstreet), Ian Keaggy and Jamie Follesé.

The song was written by Ryan Follesé, Nash Overstreet, Ian Keaggy, C. Kelly, Sam Hollander and Dave Katz. Which is quite a big writing team. But usually when there is a big writing team the song is either really really good, or really really bad. However "Honestly" is really good.

The music video is amazing, although I think it's missing something, but only slightly. It stars Ashley Benson (of "Pretty Little Liars" fame, but I also know her from "Christmas Cupid"). It is both performance and narrative, which is always a great thing to have in a music video.

The plot outline is basically that Ryan and Ashley are going out together, but he has stopped liking her, so she tries to get his attention, but he has stopped caring for her. She tries to scratch his mini, but ends up getting the wrong one, it makes her look desperate and embarrassing, which is probably what is missing from this music video, she should attempt to hurt him more, and there's only a few incidents, which isn't enough for me.

Overall I really like this song, and it's a well thoughout music video, but it's just missing that little something that would tip me into the 5*'s, I like how they incorporated the performance side of things into the narrative. I'm not sure whether it will be released here in the UK, but it might do if  "I Like It Like That" does well when it's released.