BishopRadio - Two Teas, Please (Roger That)

30 April Critic Jonni 0 Comments

BishopRadio recently came to my attention by a comment on my Suggestions page. And as I always say, I never say no to any suggestions. So here is a totally new artist, and they have made me laugh with their first music video. BishopRadio releases his first EP 'Aliens' soon, after getting creditable claim for his mixtape, 'Live From A Park Bench II: Alien Run'. This is his first video release from his upcoming EP. And I cannot wait to find out what is around the corner, especially since I have quickly become a fan with this amazingly catchy song, and hilarious video.

The video had me in giggles, but I can't help thinking that it has a very similar style to Rizzle Kicks' "Mama Do The Hump". Although, they've switched it up and made me surprised, so I'm glad it's not a straight copy. I am surprised there isn't more of these sorts of videos around after the success of Rizzle Kicks' "Mama Do The Hump", guess people don't want to step on their shoes, but then again we need someone like BishopRadio in our music circle.

I like watching the elderly people walk into the shop and they even order two teas. For the first time watching, you are not aware of what will happen, especially since 'Bishop' and 'Babz' are in the tea room too.

I have to admit, I love 'Bishop',. his eyes are so funny, he is good at pulling a shocked face. The music video develops where the elderly people are standing up, dancing and grooving to the music. Even pulling good hip-hop moves. This definitely adds to the music video's uniqueness.

Seeing 'Babz' and 'Bishop' get involved showed their stage presence, it's full of movement and energy, as well as emotion. This is exactly what I want to see in a performance side, and they have it right there. I want to be there watching them.

Overall, a great song that becomes infinitely catchy that I'm definitely going to buy it when it gets released. The music video makes me giggle, no matter how many times I watch it. If it had stuck to the elderly people sitting in the tea room and lip-syncing, not only would it be repetitive, but it would feel too similar to Rizzle Kicks' "Mama Do The Hump", but because of movement, dancing, and 'Bishop' and 'Babz' getting involved as well as the woman in the corner, I just have no choice but to give it this rating.