Mat Zo & Porter Robinson - Easy

04 May Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Mat Zo, real name Matan Zohar, is a British DJ, who has released a number of songs, remixes and mashups. This is his first charting song, as far as I can tell, but this song is extremely catchy, and I hope that his other songs are similar and it's quite possible that this song has helped to promote his others. Porter Robinson is an up and coming DJ from America. He has hit big here in the UK, with his song "Language" managing to get to number nine on the UK chart. The following single is this song, which also charted high... Is this one DJ whose name will become as highly praised as David Guetta and Avicii? Guess we'll find out in the near future.

"Easy" got to number 28 on the UK chart. Not as high as "Language" but still in the top 40. The song has been played a few times in clubs I've been to, it's infinitely catchy, but easily mixed up in this big mass of dance anthems we have coming and going. However I think this one will stay prominent.

The music video is animation. I have nothing against animation, and sometimes they are the best music videos because they manage to portray the song amazingly. But sometimes I feel it is missing something, and this is one of those times.

The song is all about loving someone and that it's easy. The video shows that near the start with what we would presume is her boyfriend calling her, or trying to get in contact with her. This sparked my idea that she loves him, but he just wants to be friends? Or maybe he's in love with her and she isn't? Who knows? It's not made clear.

And then she throws her phone and then blows up the town with this cool electric blue thing, which transports her to this place. She had a photo of this place in her apartment... I just don't get the video in connection to the song.

However that blue animal that can fly is quite cute, he is definitely a trustful, loyal friend that everyone would love to have in their life.

Overall, a song that should've charted higher, but can easily be lost in the amount of music available. And a music video that fails to connect to the song, and doesn't have much reasoning behind it. On the other hand, I think it is engaging and would make sense after watching it ten thousand times, guess that will never happen.