New Release: Sage The Gemini Featuring Nick Jonas - Good Thing

04 September Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Been ill for a week, hence why I haven't blogged, but I'm back now, with this surprising collaboration. Is this Nick Jonas' attempt at getting into rap and hip hop? Because it is a complete fail. Who is Sage the Gemini anyway? A typical music video featuring a lot of girls in a forest similar to Nicki Minaj's "Anaconda", with two singers who are ecstatic to be surrounded by all these women, only Nick Jonas looks more focused on singing and performing, whereas Sage the Gemini looks obsessed with the girls in the video. Reminds me a lot of Justin Timberlake's collaborations.

The Jonas Brothers broke up in 2013, and Nick Jonas has gone solo. His recent singles have done well in the UK. But this one isn't making an impact on the iTunes chart all that much. Could it be due to the shoddy release date? Amazon, HMV and 7digital released it three weeks ago, yet on iTunes it was pushed back until now. I surely haven't heard it on the radio, although it is kind of catchy.

Sage the Gemini, real name Dominic Woods, has had an all right career in the US. He has previously charted all over the world in a collaboration with Flo Rida and Lookas on the track "G.D.F.R.", but it'll be interesting if he has another hit.

Here is another typical music video, where girls are parading around wearing very little, we've seen this hundreds of times in rap and hip hop music videos, and yet a music video has failed to stand out above the rest.

Even the forest isn't a new thing as Nicki Minaj has done it before. Is there anything original about this video? Not really, and that is what really disappoints me as the song is on the catchy side.
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