Nickelback - How You Remind Me

March 10, 2013 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Nickelback became my Sunday Revisit, purely because I was shocked to find out I have not reviewed this music video, after quoting it in both "Lullaby" and "Gotta Be Somebody". They are a four-piece rock band consisting of Chad Kroeger, Ryan Peake, Mike Kroeger and Daniel Adair.

"How You Remind Me" was written by Nickelback, and has recently been covered by Chad Kroeger's fiancé Avril Lavigne for the film 'One Piece Film: Z', so far it has only had a Japan release, but I have my fingers crossed it gets released worldwide with her new album. The original is probably Nickelback's most well-known song alongside "Rockstar". These two songs always come to mind first when this band is mentioned. This song is the second highest charting single from Nickelback, following "Rockstar".

This music video is powerful and meaningful, both narrative and performance and nothing wrong with it at all. So I think you can all guess what my rating will be.

The lead actress is Annie Henley, and she does a great performance of being Chad Kroeger's ex. She's almost a ghost, disappearing every time Chad sees her. And it's totally understandable if you thought she was haunting him wherever he went. This whole idea brings up a totally new angle to this story that I have never thought of before. However, they link it back to the song at the end, with her actually being amongst the crowd and looking quite sultry. You know that she hurt him, and although he's not ready to quite let go, he doesn't want her back.

The performance side has all the vibes we've seen from other music videos; clearly, this is a band who knows how to perform, and if you're ever lucky enough to see them live, then please invite me too! Their performances in their videos are full of emotion and energy. Making a lot of people want to see them live, including me.

Overall a great song that you can't help but enjoy, and an accompanying music video that no one can fault. For me, it has everything I want and more and I can't help but sit back and watch how great this is. So you can all guess what my rating will be, and how can I rate it any less?
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