Taylor Swift - Blank Space

30 September Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Grab your passport and my hand, I can make the straight guys gay for a weekend. This is the sentence I have to nail every time I hear this song. The video resembles a mix of Avril Lavigne's "Let It Go" and P!nk's "Please Don't Leave Me". Quirky and narratively fun, something I don't mind watching again and again, and Taylor Swift is looking damn sexy, even when she's crying.

Taylor Swift, country singer turned international pop star, was lining the way for country here in the UK, yet she's dropped all ties to her first few albums, no more "Love Story" or "Mean" or "Teardrops On My Guitar", yet she still manages to make powerful emotional songs that you can't help but love. Written by Taylor Swift, Max Martin and Shellback, it's no surprise that this is a hit, just look at those songwriters' backgrounds. Taylor Swift takes a dig at the media with the song... Pretty sure Britney Spears have done that a few times "Piece of Me" and "I Wanna Go" amongst others. Blank Space only charted at number four in the UK, as no official single was released. This is what annoys me the most as a swiftie (Taylor Swift Fan), at least give us a UK single release too, could've scored a number one with this song.

Linking in well with the song, the video, directed by Joseph Kahn, contains both narrative and performance. In her performance side she's sexy, entertaining, emotional and full of passion. She really proves her acting skills in both parts of the video and you can't help but be drawn in.

The male lead is Sean O'Pry, who is a model. I really believe Taylor Swift could've found someone better. He looks good, not going to lie, but he fails to be as captivating as Taylor Swift is, and it brings the video down, just slightly.

I like how they go from being a couple, to Taylor Swift becoming a maniac and an obsessive freak, it suggests that that is what the media is portraying her as, only she's heightened it a lot more and put her own spin on it. A perfect video, one that everyone is watiching again and again, hence the YouTube views.
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