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July 11, 2011 Critic Jonni 1 Comments

This is The Wanted's 5th overall single, but their 2nd single from the as-of-yet untitled 2nd album. The have been a big hit here in the UK, managing to already score a number 1 with their first ever single: "All Time Low", and their other singles have all managed to get inside the top 20. Could they get another number 1 from this single? We'll just have to wait and find out.

This boy band consists of five members who are: Nathan Sykes, Max George, Siva Kaneswaran, Jay McGuiness and Tom Parker.They all had their 15 minutes of fame before starting this group, but they wasn't in the lime-light for long. Now they are getting bigger and bigger, and people are becoming more and more aware of who these guys are. They will definitely become a well-known band. With boy bands such as JLS and One Direction, these boys have competition on their hands, but I think they'll stand their ground and get their worthy chart numbers.

So this song is called "Glad You Came", it's about having fun and being with the person you like and spending time with a party or out in the sun. They sing about being "glad you came" and "the sun goes down, the stars come out" giving the night-light appeal. However I like the fact that there is a hidden meaning to this song, the people who are old enough will know what I'm on about, and I really can't help but laugh whenever they say "Glad you came". Having two meanings is a really good idea, which will probably help boost this song to number one easily.

The music video has a lot of eye-candy in it, for both men and women. I definitely like the start, it's kind of like an introduction, this really represents the video, and although it was probably used to use up space on the video, it works neatly within the song as the song is slow-paced at the start. The editing from one shot to the next is dead on time to the beats in the background of the song, this gives it a fast paced feel that definitely represents the song.

I like how each band member is with a girl each, this way it shows they wasn't short on people, and it also made it easier to shoot, although some things are a little over-the-top considering children or kids may end up watching this, especially since it may turn out to be number 1 on the Singles Chart.

There is so much going on in the music video, it is difficult to keep up, and even though the fast-pace relies well on the song ad the music, it becomes difficult to follow, and towards the end you give up. But then it all slows down again, for the perfect little outro that suits the song and the music video really well.

Overall it's a catchy kind of song that will be hitting the clubs all over the UK. There are various scenes, from a club, to a house party, to the beach to the water. There are pillow fights and beach volley ball. But everything goes by so quickly that you only see some bits after watching it 3 or more times over. Which is probably intended to help raise the YouTube hits. Anyway this will almost definitely reach number 1 and I'll be surprised if it doesn't.
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  1. Interesting song title for a new release.