Britney Spears - Toxic

28 August Critic Jonni 0 Comments

This music video is probably listed as THE BEST Britney Spears music video ever made. You can't possibly tell me you've never ever seen this music video, and surely everyone agrees that it is one of her best ones so far. But what makes it so good? Why is this song so amazing? And what makes it better than all of her other music videos? We'll soon find out.

This was Britney second single released from her fourth album "In The Zone". This song managed to get to No.1 in the UK charts, and the second most recent Britney single to get there. This single marks the height of her career, which has recently been going downhill, will she ever manage to get a number 1 again, in the future? We'll just have to wait and find out.

The director of this music video was someone called Joseph Kahn, he has worked with Britney a total of 3 times, all of the Britney music videos he has directed contains a storyline. The 3 music videos are: "Stronger", "Toxic" and most recently "Womanizer", these three music videos really stand above the rest and could easily show how well these two work together, but it also shows that Joseph Kahn's music videos are iconic in their own right.

The music video starts off with Britney as a flight attendant, getting a phone call (which relates to the very start of the song). After pouring champagne on a person, she leads a bold, overweight man to the bathroom and seduces him. She then removes the man's mask to reveal another person (Who, when I was younger, I thought was David Beckham). And steals a black pass from his pocket. Next she is riding on a motorbike, she has red hair and she is in a catsuit. Britney and the driver are in a futuristic Paris (which is a reference to "Blade Runner"), and they go past a woman and lifts up her dress (which is a link to Marilyn Monroe).

The narrative carries on, next she is in a lab called ironically "Toxic Industries", and she steals some poison, but then she triggers a laser trap, which then creates a series of lasers, she avoids these by doing iconic dance moves. Next she is scaling a building, to get to her unfaithful boyfriend, and slips him the poison, she then flies out the window and lands back in the aeroplane and winks at the camera. ALSO in the music video, there are snapshots of Britney naked and covered in diamonds, this can be considered a link to Kate Bush's music video of "The Man with The Child in his Eyes".

I really like this music video, as you can probably guess. It shows a story and although sometimes it doesn't really fit with what the song is about, it works really well. Her voice is perfect but it is reminiscent of the old Britney. She went through a stage that people list as the "Circus" stage, in which she was not Britney, and this made her lose a lot of fans. Now she is back, and with full-force, but has she really come back? I think so, but it's going to be difficult to prove to others. And if she wants that number 1 in the UK, she's going to have to prove herself. One perfect way is by going on to a talent show and sing LIVE. She has been criticised by the media as not singing live (one instance was while she was on the X Factor, she mimed to the lyrics of "Womanizer", and the media attacked her for that). She needs to prove to the UK, she is herself, and no one can do that, but her.

Overall this song deserved number 1, however compared to the new music out today it wouldn't have a standing chance, which might explain why "I Wanna Go" failed to make an impact in the UK chart this year, as both the songs are similar. I hope she finally gets a number 1 in the UK, it's been 7 almost 8 years since then! Also, and this I cannot believe, she has never had a number 1 album in the UK. This seems really surprising since she has released  total of 10 albums (7 Studio albums, and 3 Compilation albums) and still no sign of a No.1! Anyway, I hope you all agree with my rating, I dropped a star because sometimes it didn't relate to the music.
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