Avril Lavigne - What The Hell

September 17, 2011 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

I have been a fan of Avril Lavigne, when she first released "Complicated", now I'm am kind of obsessed with her, but have yet to see her live. I have all her albums and singles, and I' little surprised to find out she has never had a number 1 here in the UK, which is quite surprising. However she's had a couple of number 3's and a number 2, with her hit "Girlfriend". This single is her first and lead single from her 4th studio album: Goodbye Lullaby, which is a such a brilliant album that really shows how she has developed, and most of the songs are extremely emotional. She wrote all her songs, with he help of various other songwriters, and so there will be a lot of meaning behind what she is singing. Apparently, she is already working on her 5th album, which is very exciting news, and hope she manages o pull back some fans and potentially new people as I recon she has lost a few over the years of absence of music as her record company was not quite happy with Goodbye Lullaby and kept asking her to record more pop/rock songs.

Avril wrote this song with Max Martin and Shellback, who have written together on a few of 'Goodbye Lullaby''s tracks. Max Martin once again pops up, and once again shows how big of a songwriter he has now become, and Shellback is quickly becoming bigger and better with a lot of the songs he has written appearing in the charts also. There is a lot of unanswered questions about this song and it's meaning, a lot of people have speculated that it's about Avril's divorced with Deryck Whibley, but she did mention a while ago that this album has nothing to do with it. Also Avril and Deryck are still on good terms with one another, and so maybe some of the things she sings about is more in reference to rather than some she did or he did, personally I don't think people should interpret everything that has been sung as a connection as many songwriters say something else that they did so that it is in reference to rather than the fact that they actually did that, as they couldn't fit the right words in the right places, or it would have become way to emotional.

This song is catchy and really upbeat, it is the only pop/rock song on the album as many of the others are more mellow and drastically heart-felt. I believe this song wasn't originally on the album, and Avril has claimed that her album has been done for over a year and her record company asked her for more pop/rock songs. To be totally honest, if I was her, I'd release an album with all the songs she recorded that did not actually make the album, there must have been at least a dozen songs that had to have been scrapped. But then again isn't it the same with every artist? Furthermore, will she be releasing a greatest hits album soon? Maybe she's waiting for a number 1 here in the UK, surely she's released enough songs for a compilation of greatest hits, maybe we'll see one soon, or maybe it's this mysterious 5th album....

The music video was filmed in 3D, which doesn't make much sense to me, why couldn't they have kept some bits in 3D? Or maybe it was made so that people who have a 3D enabled TV can watch it the way it was recorded? I haven't got a clue so please, someone intellectual please come on here and comment about it as I have no idea. The video has mounted up 82 million YouTube hits, which is half the amount of YouTube hits "Girlfriend" has managed to get gaining the video the most watched. I thought this one had a good shot at beating her record, but half-way isn't too bad.... I do wonder what video can beat this enormous amount of views, and it'll be interesting to see.

A lot of people have commented on YouTube saying this is more like an advert for Sony and Abbey Dawn, but what's so wrong with product placement? I don't understand why people don't like it, did the girls not come into school the day after seeing Britney's "...Baby One More Time" with their shirts tied into a knot? Did the guys not start wearing the same clothes as one of their idols such as football players? (Sorry couldn't think of anything else). So what is wrong with it? As I don't have anything against it, apart from the fact that Abbey Dawn clothes are not sold here in the UK yet and so I will probably have to wait years and years to finally get an Abbey Dawn T-Shirt, or decide to fork out a fortune to get them shipped using the online store.

I like this music video, because it is fun, narrative, interesting and fits with the song. I like the fact that Avril puts her two fragrances on at the beginning 'Black Star' and 'Forbidden Rose' and at the same time teases her boyfriend, by locking him in a room, which looks like a wardrobe (how he got out we'll never know). I like the taxi bit, although she probably needed that rear-view mirror. I like how she steps out of the taxi, although that bit you can tell was taken else where as the taxi is automatically slower than how fast she was previously going. I really like the vintage clothing store, the fact that her mom makes a cameo appearance as a clerk and Avril has a few parting words, which is a nice little twist, and I find her facial expressions really funny while she's in the store. And her face at seeing the Abbey Dawn clothing is really interesting and is pretty funny. I like the teasing bit in the hallway and it fits perfectly, and her stage performance. This bit Avril commented as her favourite bit especially the crowd surfing because it was shot in 3D and so she said it was really cool watching it back and seeing the hands come up to catch her. I like the ending and her cheeky wink at the end which totally suggests that she plans on doing it all over again tomorrow.

The little bits are a little surprising, such as her necklace in the first few seconds, even though it's really pretty it has a hateful word on, this goes well with the song in some weird way because swearwords used to be a part of natural language and so it wasn't a hateful word, however now they are commonly used to describe something or someone and they can be harmful in a weird way, the lyrics in the song works well with the necklace because 'All my life I've been good but now, whoa what the hell', which suggests that the word and the necklace used to be good, but now it isn't. Also when I first saw this video I didn't really take in the laptop, but now I've seen the adverts for the Vaio, I know how expensive and interesting it is, and although again it is product placement, it suggests that sometimes Avril just likes a shopping spree and "what the hell". There's probably other things that I've seen and missed, I kind of like the fact that she includes her band in this music video, and I'm interested to see if they'll pop up again sometime...

Overall I love this song, and makes me wish that I had some Abbey Dawn t-shirts, but I presume you can't always get what you want. The song is catchy and very reminiscent of her previous songs. I like the music video, it's about freedom and fun which are always nice things to see in a music video, the narrative is perfect and although people don't like product placement, I like it and thinks it's a good way to promote (and I'm really hoping it might get rid of adverts on the music channels, as adverts gets me really annoyed, especially on music channels). So I shall reward this music video with this rating, as I think it definitely deserves thins and although some bits I may not agree with, it don't matter much.
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