Katy Perry - Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)

September 05, 2011 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

This is Katy Perry's fifth single from her second album: "Teenage Dreams". She has broken a world record on the Billboard chart in the US, where she has managed to get a number 1 for every single she has released from Teenage Dreams. This record has never been done by a female artist, and the only other person who managed to do this was Michael Jackson. However here in the UK, the song only managed to get to number nine, and she failed to make number one in many other countries too.

This song was written by Katy Perry, Dr. Luke, Bonnie McKee and Max Martin, who keeps on popping up in a lot of the music videos I write about. It has a chatty sort of side to it, which reminds a lot of people of Ke$ha. The song was mainly written by Katy Perry, and she has been quoted as saying that most of the things she sings about, did actually happen, except for ménage à trois. Also the lyrics are all about going out clubbing and partying, and then having a little too much to drink and then doing stupid things. Apparently during the morning after the night before, Katy Perry started writing about everything she did that night and then created it into a song, with the help of Max Martin, Dr. Luke and Bonnie McKee (who apparently joined Katy Perry on her wild night out).

This is such a big music video, and you can see that with the amount of YouTube views, which is not far from hitting the 100 million mark (A.K.A. 100,000,000). Katy Perry took the persona of her thirteen year old alter-ego: Kathy Beth Terry. She was the main character in this 8 minute long music video, which is shortened down to 3-4 minutes for the music channels. The song is in honour of Rebecca Black's single "Friday", and kind of gives Rebecca more credit, and to be honest she really doesn't look thirteen. I also like how Kathy Beth Terry took some interviews before this music video was released, and Katy set up alter-ego face book and twitter pages, and a lot of people were unsure what they thought of her. However I think they managed to turned things around on the release of the music video. I think this video is probably going to go down in history as one of Katy's most iconic video, and I can definitely imagine it being played again and again in the years to come.

A lot of famous people appeared in this music video, and I thought I'm just mention a few of them, hopefully you'll recognise at least 2 of them. Well Katy Perry was her alter-ego Kathy Beth Terry. Rebecca Black played herself. Debbie Gibson played Kathy's mom, and Corey Feldman as her dad. Many other famous faces appear such as Darren Criss (who's most known as playing Blaine in Glee) appears a little. Kevin McHale (known for playing Artie in Glee) plays a nerdy Everett McDonald. A band appears at one stage, they re called "Hanson" (Most known for singing "MMMBop") and Kenny G plays Kathy's Uncle. You may find the odd few who might be well known hidden here and there if you find anyone please tell me, ad I'll be sure to add them

I really like how Rebecca Black decides to make Kathy look pretty, although I don't think it's much of an improvement, and besides someone should like someone because of what they are like in the inside, rather then what they look like on the outside. But then again it's not like it's anyone's fault, who you are and what you look like can definitely be two totally different things, and you can definitely tell that by Kathy, because obviously she is a party person, because she's going to "do it all again" next Friday night. However she definitely doesn't look the part. Therefore it goes without saying "Don't judge a book by the cover" although you can't possibly decide to read every book you come across, so on the outside, it sometimes counts.

I really like the imaginative side of things with this video, and I definitely like it how happy Kathy is with the guy in the bed. and some of the snapshots at the end are hilarious. Although I do have to admit, some bits are a little over the top, but maybe it was worth it. But really.... Was there any need in making the music video into a short film? It just makes it seem like they tried too hard, and was it truly worth it?

Some parents would be offended by the music video, and I'm surprised it hasn't been banned on the music channels yet. I know it isn't as bad as some of the videos that have already been restricted, but I still think a few parents would be worried if their young child was singing "There's a Stranger in my bed, there's a pounding in my head".

Overall I really like the chatty-song and the music video fits perfectly, it's what you can easily expect for this song, and although it's not very imaginative, it's extremely interesting, and very different to all the music videos that have been released so far this year. And although she didn't manage to get a number 1 for this song here in the UK, I am pretty sure the music video will bin and again and again.