Jennifer Lopez - Waiting For Tonight

02 October Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Today, I've been wondering which music video to review, this song got stuck into my head when I realised that Jennifer Lopez actually sung this song. Now even though this is probably one of her signature songs, I never linked her with this song, I don't know why but every time I heard it I just didn't think it was J Lo, so when I was writing my review for "Papi" and noticed this song being in her discography I was surprised. This song is one of those songs that get stuck in your head as soon as you hear it and although it never got to number one, it goes down a classic and marks the change in the music industry, as it is one of the many songs that helped to push out the cheesy-pop music.

This song was originally sung by a group called "3rd Party" who I have never even heard of, therefore making this version a cover version. However Jennifer Lopez sings it so well, you would expect it to be her own song. It was written by Maria Christiansen, Michael Garvin, and Phil Temple, Maria being the lead singer of 3rd Party. The song is about finding the right person to be with, her one true love, and this night has brought them together. It's a really nice meaning, and I like the fact that everyone's got this one true love in this world, and as soon as you find them, that is it, you know this person is the one for you.

There's a lot of potential to create a brilliant narrative story, however they went with the usual dance/club music videos which are still going today, but what makes this one different is what they have done with it, they they have made a storyline and connected it to the lyrics. Which is what makes this music video stand out from the crowd.

They have flipped the song lyrics upside down and inside out and created this really clever music video. I presume back in 2000 all the clubs would have been playing this song and so it goes to show that they have decided to celebrate in style with the upcoming millennium. I like this idea because a lot of people had probably made plans for it and had been waiting for that night. But this wasn't just any new year, this was the mark of the 2nd century and I reckon all the clubs ended up with a lot more queues than usual. I was really young back then so I wouldn't have known. Me and my family celebrated it with party poppers and various other celebratory surprises.

I like the fact that they also included the Y2K problem, and it really works within the music video. It was difficult to make software to convert the year to 2000 because back then we used to use the 2 digit numbers (e.g. in 1998 we would abbreviate it to '98) however they can't change it to '00 as it doesn't work, so instead they needed to change all the systems so that it said 2000, which caused a lot of problems. I like the fact that they managed to use it in the music video, and this is definitely what makes it stand out.

Jennifer Lopez, doesn't look much older in her newer videos, and although more than 10 years have passed , you wouldn't even be able to guess. I still cannot believe she is 42 as she looks at least late 20's early 30's. She has yet to have released a greatest hits album, but I bet it's on the cards, and this song would definitely make the list.

Overall I really like some of the effects in this music video, and although there is a little bit of a narrative storyline that doesn't link in with the song, they've made the song mean something else, which is extremely difficult to do. The song is very catchy and will probably be stuck in my head for the rest of today. So I hope you all agree with my rating, as it definitely deserves it.