Starman - I Don't Wanna Dance

01 October Critic Jonni 0 Comments

I've been getting quite a lot of hits on my music video review of "Ola - All Over The World" because Ola Svensson and Andrew Stone look so similar that people easily mistake one for the other. So today I decided to look to see if Andrew Stone had previously released any music videos. So after a bit of searching I come across this band called Starman, and Andrew Stone is the lead singer. Personally I think their songs are 15 years too late, or maybe even more as this song would have been a hit in the 90s, however now it doesn't stand a chance, which kind of explains why the band is no longer together. This band consists of 5 members, who are Andrew Stone, Jesus Ruiz, Craig Custance, Mickey Cowdroy and Luka Cadez.

This song doesn't make much sense to me, I think it's about being in love with someone but the magic is dying, and that dancing is what brings it all back. Although there may be more hidden meanings even further back than that. The song contains one of the most iconic Abba piano tunes, and every time the bridge comes up I do question whether or not this song has any connection and if it is or isn't closely linked. "I don't wanna dance if I got dance" is very contradicting and that's why I think they don't like to dance when they're told to and much prefer when they do it on their own free will because they enjoy it. Andrew Stone does have a good voice, and although it is not strong enough here (and yes it is a lot stronger now as I found out when he appeared on "Sing if you Can"), but it definitely sounds similar to Ola's and could be easily mistaken for it. I'm not upset that this band has split, it might help Andrew Stone go into more dance music and I know he'll be a big hit in Europe, he could be our answer to Ola, but we'll just have to wait and see what's around the corner.

This music video is by far the most different, unrelated video I have reviewed so far, and I don't think there is any other video out there that could be as worse as this. It's obvious it's a low budget video, and it is only related here and there, but surely they could have incorporated a choreography scene in it since it's about dancing. I think the narrative storyline was about these 5 people (who are the band Starman) who are put in body bags to give life-force to this robot. It's just over the top and unrelated to the song, it doesn't make any sense.

The use of the body bags explains the first verse: "And I can't breathe" & "Should I lay down on my bed?", however that verse is barely noticeable and so why take that part to make this whole music video? I don't know why they've done it but it is completely absurd don't you think? Also the lasers has nothing to do with the song, and maybe that's where all their budget went to. And the robot..... What were they thinking? The person in that robot costume doesn't make robot moves any good, sorry whoever is in that costume, but it's true.

Overall, after watching the video like three times, I end up liking this song a little more than I thought I'd ever will. But the music video is so different and unrelated, however it would've fit perfectly in the 90s, and if Andrew Stone wants to crack the UK market I so think he should take a leap out of his double's career: Ola Svensson. I think Andrew Stone has a good voice, he just needs to make good music and then he'll do a hell of a lot better.