September - Me and My Microphone

October 12, 2011 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

September is FINALLY back, and the UK have totally missed her. Her real name is Petra Marklund, and she first came to my attention when she signed with Hard2Beat (also known as "Dance Nation"), which is the same record label as fellow Swedish dance singer Basshunter. She released two singles under that record label "Cry For You" & "Can't Get Over", and then an album "Cry For You", she didn't last long and soon had to find another label to take her. Now she is signed to All Around The World records, who released her first UK single "Satellites" which only just managed the UK Top 100. So now she's back, and let's hope AATW records can promote her as well as they have done with Cascada, Inna and Alexandra Stan. September could be big, but without enough promotion, she could end up failing again. I am a fan, but she has stopped making the UK charts which kind of stops me from buying her singles and albums. This song could be a hit, but if she doesn't have constant play on the radios then she could be another dance artist to fail in the UK.

Mikrofonkåt is the original song. It is a Swedish song originally written by Thomas Rusiak and Petter. Petter also originally sung it in 1999. September revived the song and it reached number one in Sweden, which is her highest chart topper in her own country. She, and a number of writers, edited the original song to turn it into an English adaption. Although many people have said that they prefer Mikrofonkåt. The writers include September, Thomas Rusiak, Nicklas Bergwall, Petter Alexis and Daniel Alexander. I find it clever how people can change a whole song into an English adaption, just like Basshunter did with his first two singles. The song sounds perfect to perform live to fans, and I can definitely see her dancing on stage to this up-tempo song, let's just hope it cracks the UK top 40.

The music video must have been difficult to come up with, the lyrics don't really give much away and I think they have done a pretty good job. The clothing she wears is a little weird to be honest, when she's walking up those steps with her white suit, she has GREEN heels on, which I'm pretty sure no person would ever do. I like the choreography bit in the elevator, it's different and I don't think we've seen dancing in an elevator before, although it does remind me, a bit, of The Saturdays' "Notorious" and Aerosmith's "Love in and Elevator".

I like the fact that in the case was her microphone, and I do question how long that pink lead goes for. A lot of people have said that the guy who's in the elevator with September looks a bit like Keanu Reeves, I don't think so, but if others do, I might as well mention it. I'm not quite sure what to think of September's hair cut, in "Cry For You" and "Can't Get Over" she has long hair, and it does make her look a little older that what she actually is, so the short hair does make her look her age, if not younger, but it's just going to take a while to get used to.

Overall, I think this music video was difficult to come up with. It relates to the song, even though the song is very difficult to be made into a music video. Compared to September's other music videos, this is average, and there is little narrative storyline. I noticed within my review I took detail in the little bits rather than anything structural which suggests that there isn't a lot to talk about. So based on that I think I've given it the rating it deserves.