Professor Green Featuring Emeli Sandé - Read All About It

November 04, 2011 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

I haven't been much of a fan of Professor Green, to be totally honest Rap is not at all my genre, and I find it difficult to work out who is who. However this one stands out from the crowd, he uses such personal words that describe his life, one could almost shed a tear. His real name is Stephen Manderson, so you can sort of realise why he decided on an alias. He collaborated with Emeli Sandé, who has an amazingly strong voice. She has a university degree in medicine, but she no longer needs it. Every single she has released including collaborations have all made the UK top 10, and I can definitely see her being a worldwide star, I know America is going to love her.

This song was written by Stephen Manderson, TMS and Iain James. This song is extremely personal to Professor Green and deals with his life, especially the suicide of his father. I like Emeli Sandé's vocals on this song, they are so powerful, and it sort of makes sense why the song managed to get to number one so easily, but I also reckon it had something to do with performing this on the X Factor.

The music video is strong and powerful, I love the fact that it has a beautiful narrative that some people may even cry at, I also like the emotion that pours out of Professor Green's face, you can tell he means every single word, and this is what makes it such a powerful song. It's the same with Emeli Sandé, she's found a connection with the song, and she knows exactly what she is saying and what it means. This is definitely a powerful song and music video, and they've done a really good job with it.

The narrative side of the video follows a boy (who looks like a young Professor Green, although I don't know the actor's name), he is standing outside looking in, watching his step-mom and her daughter. His dad sees him and comes to the door, they hold hands and you all think aww, but then his dad lets go as soon as he walks in. We then see him go upstairs (to get away from his step-mom), and into his old bedroom, he is angry he wants to 'scream' and 'shout', and so in a fury he rips down posters and pictures and rips his bedding and all sorts, his step-mom shouts at him and he shouts back, he then goes into another room and does the same. He then puts his hands over his ears and shuts his eyes, the next thing, he's in a warehouse and Professor Green steps in. The ending is my favourite bit, it's kind of a future and past sort of distinction.

I love the narrative storyline, but I also like Professor Green's rapping, he performs it perfectly and his emotion in his face is amazing, a lot of people have compared his rapping to Eminem, saying you could easily mistake one for the other. Emeli Sandé's vocals are amazing and I can see her being a BIG star soon. She is singing under a shower of rain, well I think she is, I'm not sure what that is about, but I think it signifies fury and wanting to let loose, when really you can't, and you have to learn to control yourself, and that you can't always get what you want.

Overall, this song is amazing, even though rap songs aren't really for me. And the accompanying music video just blows me away, I could watch it again and again, and I feel so sorry for the little boy, and although I can't empathise with him, I can definitely sympathise with him. This deserves this rating, everything has pulled together perfectly and this is how a music video should be.
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