From Above - Not The Same Girl

December 15, 2011 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

From Above is a new 5-piece girl group. Before today I had no idea who they were, I hadn't even heard this song, never mind watched the video. Today however a music channel put it on, and I sort of skipped over it, thinking there might be better music videos on, but I was wrong and ended up watching this anyway. And it's really caught my eye, and I've been looking forward for finding out more about this new girl group, who I bet will be compared a lot to Little Mix (this year's X Factor winners), as their style is similar and their sound will probably be alike when Little Mix start releasing songs.

Since this is a new girl band I'm struggling to put names to faces. The group consists of: Daisy Evans, Seyi Joshua, Monique Robert, Chelsey Reynolds and Ashley Shaw. Right, because none of you know who this band is, and probably wondering why I've listed their names and who is who, I am going to put name to face so you know exactly who I'm talking about later in this review. So, Seyi Joshua, who was known as Seyi Shay and had limited success as a solo artist, is the the first member of the girl group to start singing. She has a strong voice and you can understand why she is one of two lead singers from the band. The other lead singer is Daisy Evans, depending on who you are, you may be aware of who she is... She first hit the music scene in a band called S Club Juniors (who then went on to become S Club 8), since then 2 former band mates, Rochelle Wiseman and Frankie Sandford are in a well-known band called the Saturdays, Calvin Goldspinks is quickly becoming a well-known actor and is launching into a solo career, and many other band mates are appearing here there and everywhere, I bet it won't be long until we see all of them in different projects. Back onto Daisy, she was one of the younger members of S Club 8 and I really didn't think much of her, but she has really come out and shined, and I had to do a double take, when I noticed she was in this band, it gave me quite a shock. A lot of people have commented on the other three girls, who seem to look like backing singers for the two lead singers, this is the usual problem with girl bands, and why they rarely have lead singers. But this looks like it might just work, and this song has really implanted itself into my head. Monique Robert is the girl wearing the denim-like top in the style of Britney's "...Baby One More Time". Chelsey Reynolds is the girl with the long blonde hair, you may recognise her from a TV show called "Dance X" along with Ashley Shaw, who is the girl I have yet to mention.

So what do I think of this new girl band? I reckon they have a shot; the music industry is missing a new girl band, and with Little Mix winning the X Factor this year, it proposes the chance that girl bands have a shot. Maybe next year, The Saturdays may finally get a number one for a change, and Girls Aloud may come off their hiatus... Maybe, just maybe The Spice Girls will return for good this time. 2012 looks promising and I bet "From Above" maybe one of the girl groups to get those important chart numbers.

From Above have been together since 2007, and have quite a few line-up changes, with Daisy being the only original member, could this be foreseen as one of those bands who don't stick around for long? I definitely hope not, since the vibe of their music is really interesting and I hope they get enough people behind them within the next few years to get chart topping hits. They have their own TV show "Breaking From Above" which is shown on MTV. This girl band could seriously make it and I hope they all stick by one another and stay together. They are managed by Matthew Knowles (notably known as the father of Beyoncé Knowles). And I hope they manage to get high charting positions soon, as I want to see Daisy Evans become prominent in the music industry. The song is interesting and becomes really catchy after a while and I hope you all agree after you've played it a few times. Personally I think it sounds similar to Avril Lavigne's "Losing Grip", and that may just be the reason why I like this song. The song's lyrics suggests that the song is about a guy who they really liked and he cheated on them. The music video fits perfectly!

I love the fact that the music video fits with the meaning of the song, I like how it's been made and it kind of leaves you wanting more. I want this UK girl band to make their videos similar to Basshunter's or Alexandra Stan's music videos, but knowing my luck that isn't going to happen. But then again, you never know... Not only that but the video is quite similar to Rudenko's "Everybody", which I have yet to review (I wonder if I'll ever will...), but it's much more understandable.

I find there are a few problems with this video, and those would be... The fact that all 5 girls had gone out with the same guy, or had at least dated the same guy. In this case, wouldn't you be angry at your friend for going out with the guy you were going out with? Or maybe you kept it a secret... Which then suggests you don't trust your friends, and then realistically, if this video was based on a true story, the band will split up soon. However since I don't think they wrote the song, although they may have had an input, you shouldn't take this video as a representation of real life, as it clearly is not.

The video reminds me of the film "John Tucker Must Die", and if this was released around the same time as the film, I reckon it would've made the soundtrack, which would've boosted the band's popularity, somewhat.

Overall, it's a very catchy song, and I wish this girl group the best of luck, I hope they get some chart toppers as of next year, and if they do, I can see myself backing them all the way. The music video has little going for it, yet it is presented well, and you can tell what they are trying to convey. They had obviously spent quite a bit here and there, and I hope that it's all paid off, and I wish From Above the best of luck cracking the UK and elsewhere!