Eric Saade Featuring Dev - Hotter Than Fire

January 10, 2012 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Eric Saade first came to my attention in Eurovision 2011. Since then he has managed to get a UK record label, and his music videos have been played quite a lot on the music channels. I have so far reviewed one of his music videos which was "Hearts In The Air", and I have a feeling if this song and music video are played enough, it will grab enough attention to get the song on to the UK chart, but as of yet there is no official release date, so we can't be certain if he'll chart or not. The collaboration with Dev (real name Devin Tailes) is amazing, her vocals add to the track superbly and it makes this song more notable to the UK audience, which I presume he is aiming for.

The song was written by Eric Saade, Jason Gill and Julimar Santos (also known to us as J-Son). As I've said a number of times, I like the fact that it's written by the artist as it shows they have a connection to the song, and they really mean every single word they are saying. This song is one of those songs that I have to listen to over and over again until I finally like it, but thanks to the UK music channels, it looks like I've already listened to it quite a few times, as it has already grown on me.

The music video is interesting, at first sight people may dislike it, I know I did, and I vowed never to watch it again. I happen to have broken that vow a number of times. It's clever because you end up seeing things you never even noticed the first time round. From a media student, such as myself, you learn to respect the many different camera angles used, and this music video reminds me of the many videos I've watched in Media Studies that tells you what the camera angles are and which ones you can use and what they are all called. It wouldn't surprise me if there was someone out there who has broken this music video down and is using it to show media students what camera angles are out there.

Now when I saw this music video on the TV and on the computer, I presumed that some of the footage contained a stunt double or a professional dancer or something similar. Scenes such as when he's dancing on the table, and when the camera isn't focused on his face. In the table scene we only see part of his legs and his feet as he is moving about. Another scene was when he goes into the room with the light bulbs and he's dancing there and the camera is above him, he doesn't look up or anything so all we see is his hat. However I watched the "Behind the Scenes" video, and although they speak Swedish I can still watch the video, and in fact, when he's on the table, they have a wire attached to him, so that he can go higher, it was probably how he got onto the table in the first place. (I have added the "Making of..." video for you, that's if you fancy hearing them speak Swedish).

I like the fact that Dev is in the TV screens, the reason I can think of as to why they've done this is probably because they didn't have a lot of footage from her when she recorded her part (this may not be true, this is just my thoughts). So the fact that she's in the TVs suggest that some of the video footage of Dev was repeated every now and then. This is clever because we don't even realise.

Overall it's a good music video, although why some of the rooms are the way they are I'm not sure... Why is there a room full of light bulbs? It's one of those things I'll never get to understand. I love the sign, right at the end, it says SAADE and then changes into DEV, which is extremely clever, and I only just noticed it. This is definitely the sort of music video that will reveal new things to me every time I watch it. The song is very catchy and I hope Eric Saade manages to get into the UK chart, whenever this song is released.