September - Party In My Head

January 03, 2012 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

September (real name Petra Marklund) is quickly becoming known here in the UK. She has released a number of singles, and one album, but in the process, she has swapped record labels. She first released "Satellites" under All Around the World records back in 2006 it got to number 96. She then swapped to Hard2beat (now called Dance Nation) for "Cry for You" and "Can't Get Over" which got number 5 and number 15 respectively. "Until I Die" was up for release, but then got cancelled. And her album "Cry For You" got a download only release. She has recently swapped back over to All Around The World Records, and has already released "Me and My Microphone" which has yet to chart, unfortunately. Now she's trying again, with a just as catchy song called "Party In My Head", which has received quite a bit of music channel play so far, including Dance Nation music channel, which is surprising, as you would've expected the label to decide not to show it. But is this enough for September? There is no release date as of yet, and no promotion in the UK, could this be another fail for this great singer?

This song was written by Wayne Hector, Lucas Secon, Daniel Davidsen, Peter Wallevik, Mich Hansen. Wayne and Lucas have both written a lot of songs, most of them well known in the UK, furthermore, they come from the UK, could this be September's way of trying to make it here? The others are known here and there. I like the song, I can imagine it being in all the clubs and I just want to dance when I hear it, I do have my fingers crossed that this manages to chart.

The music video I've displayed is a bit different to the one that is shown on the music channels here in the UK. This is typical of All Around The World records, as they have done this with a few of their artists such as Inna and Alexandra Stan. Yet again I prefer this music video than the one we're given, as it explains a lot more of what is going on. The music video links both indirectly and directly to the song, which is exactly what we want.

I like some of the links, such as people dancing on the streets and the use of the train, it's clever and also fits perfectly rather than the video footage being separate and jumbled up. I like the displays of showing September in New York. I think that is clever, and I reckon the US likes it. I wonder if that really went on, or was it just editing that changed them?

I have to admit, I don't have a lot to say about this music video, which suggests there isn't a lot going on in the music video. I like the song very much, and it grows on you every time you hear it and it's not long until it gets stuck in your head, and there's a party in your head. The music video links well, and it's a good music video for the song. I have dropped a star because I feel that there could have been more going on, and since I don't have a lot to comment on.