David Guetta Vs. The Egg - Love Don't Let Me Go (Walking Away)

28 February Critic Jonni 0 Comments

David Guetta is now a really big, well-known DJ, and this is one of his early works. A lot of people prefer him doing this sort of thing, however this song reminds me of "Getting Over You", I think it has a similar musical background, or I could be totally wrong. But what I'm saying is that David Guetta is getting better, but he's still in touch with his older music, which everyone still loves. The Egg on the other hand is a British electro/dance music band consisting of Ned Scott, Maff Scott, Ben Cullum and Matt White. This is their highest charting position, and since 2007 no new singles have been released...

"Love Don't Let Me Go (Walking Away)" is an amazing song, it has vocals by Chris Willis, and after much comparison with "Getting Over You" I have come to the conclusion that, yes they are extremely similar. I like looking at the writing credits (there is a lot of them) so here goes... David Guetta, Ned Scott, Benji Vaughan, Chris Willis, Jean-Charles Carré, Joachim Garraud, Maff Scott and Matt White. The song was also used for the Citroën C4 advert.

The music video is technically really good, and it's pretty much narrative, but in an interpretable dance kind of way, that really makes everything work out fine. I love the use of The Energy being passed from one person to another, although, there are a few flaws. The dancing used is breakdancing and Parkour (also known as PK).

I like how it all starts, with the connection of two people, The Energy then gets passed between people, and once it's passed the person who had it before stops dancing all together, however there's one flaw found near the end when they give The Energy back to the original starters, the topless person who had it before keeps dancing (as far as I'm aware of). Also at the start where the originals pass on The Energy to the person who had a basketball, what happened to The Energy in the original girl?

Anyway, analysing over... I think it's clever, and it sort of makes me jealous, I want to be able to do that stuff. Pass The Energy my way please. I also like the fact that the car in the Citroën advert also breakdances, I reckon they pulled ideas from this music video for their advert.

That's really is it to this music video, I could watch it again and again, but I reckon it would get tedious. I don't think it's fantastic and wouldn't go out of my way to watch it, but it's technically good, so that is why my rating is so high.
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