Nelly Furtado - Maneater

March 21, 2012 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Nelly Furtado has only ever got to number one in the UK once. She has released a lot of songs, although none of them have made an impact on the UK much like this one. Even now, some music channels still show this music video, proving that this is still the sort of song people like listening to, and if it were re-released or covered on a reality show, I can definitely say it'll break the charts once again.

"Maneater" was written by Nelly Furtado, Tim Mosley (Timbaland), James Washington (Jim Beanz) and Nate Hills (Danja). Individually, their writing credits are shocking, you wouldn't think they would have so much behind them. So of course collectively, they would come up with such an amazing song like this.They got inspiration from 80's songs including the original "Maneater" song by Hall & Oats. Apparently, it's about people becoming 'hot on themselves', which basically means that people are arrogant because they know someone will do anything they ask.

The music video is amazing, it's one of those ones that you rarely skip over when it comes up on the music channels, and the song is so very catchy that you can't help but move to it. Which makes the music video even better as it has amazing choreography involved.

I love the start and the ending of this, it includes a narrative that you understand clearly, and she just happens to walk into this old building looking for her dog called 'Toby'. But being a dog owner myself, why on earth would you let go of your dog's lead? (Presuming Toby has a lead on him).

The dance choreography is amazing, it makes Nelly Furtado confident and empowering within an out-numbered crowd. I like how everyone dances around her, this relates perfectly with the song as she is the main focus and everyone is doing exactly what she wants them to do, making her the maneater she's singing about.

There is a slight similarity to Emeli Sandé's "Next To Me" as there are clips embedded within the video, that doesn't quite fit, and although added towards the end, it puts you off. How can she be up on top of the roof in broad daylight, when it was night time when she entered the building? And the flames footage doesn't add up either. Again my the only reason I can come up with is that they ran out of footage, or they thought that if they did different footage it would make this video better. However I find it distracting and not very helpful.

Overall a great song with a good relating music video. It is definitely worthy of this rating; however, I've dropped a star for the extra footage that wasn't needed. I can definitely see this song charting again in the near future.
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